They're not afraid (1D)

I know I write loads of 1d stories and i know i already have two where there are siblings but please read this. It features some Larry Stylinson but it is a lot more complicated then that.
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Chapter 1

The audition

Hello I am Alice Styles.
My twin Harry is auditioning for the x factor today. I am so proud of him he went from being in his band to tryng ouot all by him self for the x factor. I love him so much he is an amzing singer. I am so proud of him.
"ALICE GET YOU FAT BUTT DOWN HERE NOW!" Okay sometimes I don't like him.
"OI" but I always love him
I skipped downstairs.
"Ali don't you think you should wear something more covering if you are going to be around a load of boys?" He asked being over protective.
I looked down at my red jean short shorts and my simple singlet top and scoffed.
"Harry it is July don't you think it is a bit warm to be wearing a cardigan and a scarf?"
"It is a fashion scarf!" He defended.
I rolled my eyes.
"Hey Alice why aren't you wearing one of the tees we had specially made?" Asked mom coming downstairs.
"Because a) they are ugly and I wouldn't be caught dead in one b) i don't think Harry has the x factor I know he does and c) it isn't a singlet!" I said
Harry laughed and smiled at me. Mom rolled her eyes and we all got in the car with Gemma saying that I should wear one of the tops to show support. I still refused and Harry just smiled at me.
"Alice I am going to be thinking of you when I song okay?" He asked
He hadn't told me what he was going to sing so obviously he had planned to dedicate it to me.
This is going to be awkward!
We arrived and the cameras were on Harry as he signed in. I was smiling along with everyone else as they told Harry what kind of things to say and then Dermit asked him some questions. He turned to me "and why are you the only one without a tee shirt saying "we think Harry has the x factor?" He asked.
"Well I don't thnik he does" dermot gasped thinking I was insulting him but I grabbed the microphone quickly "I know he does!" I said and everyone smiled
"And who are you to him?" He asked
"I am his twin sister" i smiled he nodded and went back to asking Harry some questions.
After a while we got inside and were taken back stage where we were filmed more.
Mom kissed Harry and our cousin followed suit making Harry stumble a bit then dermit asked "anyone else want to kiss him" laughing
"Ugh no" i joked and Harry was pushed towards the stage my Dermot and he stumbled again.
He reached the stage by himself and I smiled as I watched through the cameras.
"How are you?"
"Hello" Harry said
"Nice to meet you whats your name?"
"Uh i'm Harry styles"
"Okay" the crowd cheered "okay Harry uh how old are you?"
"Uh i'm sixteen"
"Sixteen" simon confirmed "okay so tell me a bit about you"
"Uhm I work in a bakery" good that boy is weird when someone asks for you to say something about yourself you don't say your job! He made me laugh
"And Harry, so you left school, gone to work there, yeah?"
"I work there on Saturdays"
"But i finished my GCSEs just now"
"So i'm going back to college in september"
"Amd what are you going to study in college?" Ot was annoying me how long they were delaying the actual singing I wanted to find out what he was dedicting tobma already
"Uhmm law, sociology, uhm buisness and, and somin' else but I'm not sure yet"
"So what are you doing here..."
"Sorry" harry cut him offbut nobody really noticed
"Uhm well I have always wanted to audition but I have always been too young"
"Okay, what are you going to sing?"
The moment I have been waiting for... Drumroll please what is he dedicating to me?
"Um i'll do isn't she lovely by stevie wonder"
My jaw drobbed and I blushed. He is dedicating isn't she lovely to me!
"Okay well good luck"
Everyone cheered and he started singing archapella and it was amazing!"
I grinned watching him. It may have meant to be a song sung my a dad but I knew what he meant and that was all that mattered.
"Okay uh Nicole, what did you think?" Simon asked
"Uh I'm really glad we had the oppertunity to hear you archapella 'cos we could really hear how great your voice is" i grinned
"Thank you" he said
"For sixteen years old you have a beautiful voice" she complimented
"Thank you" he said again
"Louis" simon said
"Uh I agree with Nicole, however i t'ink i think your so young, i don't think you have enough experience or confidence yet" i glared at Louis threw the screen i was showed. That jerk of course Harry does he is extraordinary!
"Okay" harry said not showing any emotional response which is good because if it was me I would be swearing at Louis. I have a small temper.
The audience made some noise of objection as well making me smile.
"Uhhh yeah someone in the audience just said rubbish and I totally agree with them," everyone cheered at simon standing up to Louis. "Uh because you know the show is designed to find some one new whether you fifteen, sixteen, seventeen doesn't matter, I think with a bit of vocal coaching you actually could be very good" the audience cheered
"Thank you, thanks"
Mom and everyone cheered i just scowled. This is the difference between those thinking he has the x factor and me knowing! He doesn't need vocal coaching to be very good he is already amazing already very good with a bit of vocal coaching he would be better then anyone in the world!
Harry broke out into his signature cheeky grin, bigger then I had seen in a long time.
"Uhh okay Louis"
"Harry for all the right reasons I am going to say no, because I don't think your good enough." I was angry and so was the audience they booed Louis.
"No" mom shouted
"I actually don't think they booed you loud enough there" Simon said and the audience booed again this time louder and for longer.
"Boo" harry spoke into the microphone he can be such an idiot sometimes! They are praising him it is like he is being vain and that is not how he gets voted through!
"I like you Harry i'm gonna say yes"
"Thank you" said Harry
"And you will be happy to hear I am going to be agreeing with Nicole, you are through to the next round" simon said and everyone cheered.
"Thank you" said Harry
I accidentally shouted "IN YOUR FACE LOUIS DON'T PUT MY BROTHER DOWN!" And they heard me from the stage making Simon laugh
"Could whoever shouted that come out here?" Simon asked.
I blushed bright red and Gemma pushed me on to the stage against my will where Harry was laughing at me.
"So you are Harry's sister?" Simon asked.
I nodded sheepishly and Harry snaked his arm around me laughing.
"What would you like to say to Louis?" He asked
"I would like to say that Harry is extraordinary infact I say extraordinHARRY and he is going to go far as for you Simon you said one thing I disagree with" Simon looked confused
"And what would that be?"
"You said with vocal coaching he would be very good but he is already amazing vocal coaching will help him he can always improve but he is already very good!" I said and everyone cheered and laughed.
Simon smiled at me. "I like you!" He said and then me and Harry went off the stage to hug everyone.
Harry gave me a massive hug "and you say I am overprotective" he muttered
"You are but I couldn't handle them saying anything negative about you that is my job!" I told him and he laughed.
We went home and I was watching some other people's auditions with Harry on the internet.
There was this one guy Louis Tomlinson who sung hey there Delilah by Plain White T's and it was amazing. Just like Harry.
He was also very cute. I think Harry thought so too.
Opps did I forget to say Harry is gay and we all respect him for that but he isn't going to go public about it because he has seen so hate on telly from homophobes.
As I watched Louis i stared dreamily at his blue eyes and looked at his cute side fringe. I smiled and then we all went to bed getting Harry ready for boot camp.

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