The Day of the Assassin

Change of Plans-
This will no longer be a fan-fic, but it is still inspired by the AC game series. I will make this as orginal as I can, starting by revising copywrited parts of my story so far. As always, enjoy the story.

Chapter 1

Betrayed by a Friend | Mr. Vintessro

"Okay, give me some time to get this done, and we can go on our 'Grand Voyage'." A boy appeared at the door, anxious for a ride on his father's boat. Of course this would be the last time he saw his father, well, as far as he knows. The year was 1497. A boy by the name of Giovanni Vintessro was waiting patiently for his father to finish working. But, Giovanni's father was a banker, and that was a serious sort of business. Well, as the day went on, Giovanni ran off, his father kept working. Eventually, just before noon, he finished. He went outside to send for his son. He then saw a good friend of his. Motrizzi Lefare, a trusted French man who settled in Italy only a few short months ago. They chatted about the things they did that day. A hard day's work sums it up. But, a hard day's work was the last thing he had ever done. For a man he thought he had trusted had betrayed him. Lefare had given him up to the guards, claiming he tried to kill him. Of course, this was nonsense, a trick to scare his friend. But the guards really came, swords drawn. They captured him and threw him into a wagon. A guard, the leader, said,"There is no trial for a murderer." He said this with hatred in his voice. He then dragged the man off to his execution. "What are you doing? This is nonsense! I didn't try to kill him I swear!", the man pleaded. Of course, this was ignored. He was thrown into a cell with only the thought that they could come for him at any moment. He prayed his son hadn't suffered the same fate.

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