Foreign Touch

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Chapter 1


Both of them didn't talk for four years. She ended it when they went all the way

But he didn't know was that she had gotten pregnant, and believed his future would be too troubled with a child, so she broke it up, and they didn't talk.

"Mummy! Mummy!" James screamed,and Isis ran down the hall into James' room. It was a light purple color. All of his things were organized, Exept for the empty lego box and toys spreaded on the floor in front of him.

"What is it honey?" Isis asked, her worried frown stared James in the eye, and James giggled.

"I wanted you to play with me!".James told her and she chuckled gently, crossed-legged on the ground and picked up a.nearby lego man.

Then she studied its familiar features. The hair was in a swoopy curly manner. Its eyes, like all others, black. The smile was simple and caring. And it was wearing a plaid shirt with black legs. Too familiar to his father. So she breathed out a heavy sigh.

"What's wrong, mummy?" James asked.her and she shook her head and smiled for his sake.

"Nothing. "She smiled and stroked the curly brown hair upon his head.

"Daddy!" James said randomly, and he pointed to the figure in her hand, and bit her lip.

"Yeah.. This looks like him.." She admitted and James scooted towards her ad she picked him up and onto her lap.He proceeded to lean his head back to look at her and she strokes his hair

"When can I meet daddy?" James asked and she sighed and looked at him.

"Baby, daddy doesn't know about you. But we can. Do you really want to?" She asked him, and he nodded, vigorously shaking his head.

"Yes!" He exclaimed and she laughed.

"Let's then." She said and they stood up and held hands, and drove to his apartment. She was surprised he never moved.

"What's his name?"James asked curiously, and she laughed gently at his curiosity.

"His name..." She began, and gripped the wheel. "Is Leo." She smiled at his memory. James looked at his size 11.feet.

"Can you tell me about him?" He asked.once.more and she laughed gently.

"I already told you what I know, baby. But we have to wait." She sake, and arrived to his apartment.

She sighed and gulped, then held James' hand and they approached the apartment.

"You ready, honey?" She asked and he nodded. She held a note and birth certificate in the other hand in the case Leo did not believe her. Then she rung the doorbell.

Leo answered, and in her opinion, he never changed. Same curly hair, caring brown eyes, all that she loved about him.

"Isis?" Leo asked, surprised beyong belief.

"We need to talk, Leo." She told him and he nodded and let them in. Then she squeezed his hand.

"Leo.... This is your son, James." She told him calm, and he was baffled, surprised, yet looked happy

"Hi little guy..." He told James, who greeted him back. "Isis, when did he happen?"

"The day before we broke up. I left so you won't have the presspre of.being a father." Isis told him and he bit his lip,still looking at James, And James, who looked back like Leo, like he was a strange new type of animal.

"Isis, he would have never pressured me. It would have been difficult, but we would have made it." Leo told her, and then he went on his knees in front of James, smiling at the little boy, his son.

"Hi.." Leo started and James stared blankly at him, then Leo's smile faded a little and.he sighed and started to stand up.

"No." James whined and grabbed Leo's wrist. Leo sat back down and looked at him.

James raised his wrist and held it there. Then he put his hand to Leo's, then gasped, his touch against Leo's, he thought, foreign.

"What's wrong, buddy?" Leo asked, and James giggled

"Nothing. Can I call you daddy?" James asked him, and he laughed gently and hugged him.

"Of course, James. I am your daddy..So you deserve to call me that." Leo chuckled, and they stayed there, hugging each other, happy for the other's embrace.

The sight made Isis tear up, and it made her news harder to break.

"What's wrong, mummy? " James asked her, and she bit her lip and looked at him.

"Nothing, baby. I need to talk to daddy, though.".Isis spoke gently, and James nodded and grabbed a toy, that happened to be Leo's favorite when he was younger. Then James ran into a different room.

"What is it, Isis?" Leo asked, and.Isis have tears cascade.down her cheeks. "Hey..."

Leo cupped Isis' cheek, and she set her hand on top of Leo's.

"I need you to watch James." Isis told.him, "For a month."

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