We Lived in Our Dreams

Cassadee and James were born in a small town in Wyoming, far away from anyone else. Both were home schooled. They were in love almost instantly, even when they were only young children.
But then they fell apart.
Because childhood memories don't always last.

Chapter 1

Prologue: Childhood Sweethearts. ~7 Years Old~

by: I_Deleted
"Cassadee," James held the rose, twisting it between his pudgy, childlike palms. His eyes glowed with what appeared to be mixed feelings of curiosity, wonder, worry. They sat on the bench, looking out at the orange, setting sun. The ocean water almost reached our toes now; the moon was calling the tides to it, drawing them close.

"James," she giggled, though she knew this was a serious moment. Her breath was warm against his pale, chubby cheek, her golden curls caressed his arm softly. They were only seven then, in their own imaginary world where love could live long, even between children. She rubbed her small hands against her soft pink skirt and looked out at the sun. "If I sing, it will stop all this."

James nodded, looking into her soft, lavender eyes that said much more than words. "It will wake the princess up," he reminded her. This world was beautiful, there was no darkness, except for when it occasionally crept up on them. Some days the strange blue and pink trees would turn black and die, because tragedy finds itself, to this day, everywhere somehow. There's no stopping it.

Cassadee took a deep, shaky breath and lifted her head to the darkening sky. As she breathed in the salty ocean air, she held out her arms, and stood from the old, wooden bench. She opened her thin, pink lips and allowed the words to flow from her throat like water from a waterfall. They came out slow, soft. She danced around the beach, graceful as a dove. The poor girl then ran into a rock and went tumbling into the sand.

James stood, surprised by the sudden fall. Cassadee's cheeks were red and hot from embarrassment as he helped her to her feet. After she stood, though, he didn't let go. They looked into each other's eyes, grinning.

"James! Time to go!" Suddenly, their world shook. It all disappeared so fast. It became Cassadee's humble, childhood bedroom, small and pink with the occasional toy or stuffed animal.
None of it had been real, but it always felt like it was.

"That was your mommy, James," Cassadee mumbled softly, tucking her thin lock behind her tan ear. "I think you have to go."

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