21 questions to make you think. I think.

21 questions to make you think. I think.

yesterday i found myself to be quite bored so i ended up coming up with a few questions that make me think, but not too much. Because moo.
I MAY or may not get around to answering them..

Oh, and i truly am sorry if any of my questions pluck at any heartstrings..

Chapter 1

29 Q's

by: _Kaii_
1. If you had to choose the manner of your death and at what age you would die, what would you choose?

2. Pretend you have a child. Now your child is playing with another kid when something happens and you have to choose which one dies. The other kid is a happy five-year-old girl who's widowed mother is watching her from a distance.
There is also a possibility that you could die in their place, but if you do die, there's a 50% chance that they'll bolth die also. What is going through your mind, and how would rationalize what you do next?

3. You're walking along somewhere when you see a guy clearly abusing a young woman and she's in tears. He looks dangerous. Whadda ya do?

4. Blink twice. Now poke your teeth with your tongue. Clench your fist. Did you do it? Make sure you did. Do it now? Okay, cool. I'm sure many people do what mysterious texts tell them to. Why? WHYYY!!!?!

5. What does the color red mean to you?

6. What about blue?

7. White?

8. Summarize yourself in five words.

9. Do you think people talk about you? If yes, what do you think they say about you?

10. What would you do if you found out somebody close to you is highly addicted to a certain drug and that person is also responsible for his/her child?

11. What is the earliest dream you can remember?

12. What is the happiest dream you ever had and how did you feel when you woke up?

13. Where do you see your life going?

14. How many people do you think you have influenced throughout your life?

15. What is your happiest memory? Do you think it was too long ago?

16. You're batman. Who's your robin and why?

17. Who do you most relate to?

18. If you knew a child who was being harshly abused and begged you not to tell, how would you try to help him/her?

19. If you somehow had access to any illegal substance, would you make use of it?

20. What do you think about school shooters who were bullied extensively throughout their school lives? Do you think you could sympathize?

21. You get another chance at life. Would you change anything? What?


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