If any of you (NONE, I bet) remember my first story, you'd know I deleted it because I got tired of it. Now that I look back on it, it was pretty epic so I decided I'd write it again with a few modifications... Hope I can finish this one!

Chapter 1

The Becoming Of Ceres

by: FerSure
Only the strongest survive, and those who do, must adapt.

Planet Ceres is one of the places with the most diverse life forms you could imagine. They range from a variety of strange plants and trees, to creatures considered extinct to Earth's human population.

However, those who can reason cannot get along.

Around one thousand years ago, humans predicted there would be failures with the Sun at some unpredictable point, so they decided to seek for a planet with similar conditions. They came up with a perfect one, and sent a population of fifty humans to explore the planet. All the smartest, and the strongest.

But there was a problem. A shortage of food, better said.

Naturally, they tried agriculture. The plan did not work, as people grew desperate with hunger and tore the plants right out of their fields to eat them, before they could give useful fruits and seeds to keep the process going on. That was when nature took its place. Once again, we were gifted with evolution. Some grew fangs, and turned into what other human writers had described throughout history as "vampires".They were the dominant race in the planet. A second group of humanoids, the fairies, formed. These were unlike those of literature. They were violent critters who were not large in size, but possessed light, frail bones that allowed them to jump long distances, creating the impression that they were able to fly.

Then, as always, there was the prey. Some of the new inhabitants did not change at all: their humanity remained pure. These few survivors were forced to hide in underground tunnels, until one day one of their most erudite came up with a method to ensure their safety and at the same time, return humanity to its purest form.

Vampire hunting.

It became a common practice among humans, and soon they began emerging out of their caves. The vampire population seemed to be fading away. The fairies,as always did, decided to steer clear of the new superior race. The human population grew exponentially, to the point where they composed the ruling class of the planet Ceres.

Despite forming an empire, the human class still struggles for survival. Vampire hunting will always be necessary for them to thrive.

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