To All Of You Morons Who Believed Maybelline Killed Herself...

Well... It was obviously fake.

Chapter 1


by: justEmily
She didn't really kill herself. I'm sorry but I have to say this...

She was supposed to die like 2 months ago. And she 'magically' lived. She was supposed to die like last week. And she 'magically' lived. She was supposed to die like tonight... And she 'magically' lived. To be honest I don't really think she was 'dying' at all... She just wanted attention. I wouldn't be surprised if in a week she made a new profile.

Most of you are being smart and are on Alex's side (the right side)... But some of you are crying over Maybelline's 'death'.

To you people, you should seriously get over it. Even if you don't get over it, stop hating on Alex. Like seriously. Because it's not his fault you guys are blind and he isn't. He didn't do anything wrong. So kindly shut up. Quibblo has too much drama and hating, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one when I say I want it to stop. It needs to stop.

Sorry if I offended anyone, but it's true (:


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