OC Repost


Chapter 1


So I decided to create my own OC repost. Basically, you choose 3 of your fanfic characters, like an original character you created in any of your stories, group or solo, and then you ask all the characters these questions.

Feel free to repost this with your own answers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My OCs:
1. Berlin (Making History)
2. Jazzy (The Daily Lives Of Five Demigods)
3. Alex (The Daily Lives Of Five Demigods)


1) What did you eat for breakfast?

Berlin: Ahhhh.... I forgot... All I remember is Belgium made it... maybe it was waffles?

Jazzy: Ooh! I had a bit of this and a bit of that...

Alex: I skipped breakfast.

2) If I paid you $100, would you be willling to try parkour?

Berlin: Ah... Is that the new thing kids are doing? Ehhh. I don't really need the money anyways... Besides I don't think either Bruder would like that...

Jazzy: From the hell to the yeah!

Alex: No.

3) How many times have you risked your life?

Berlin: Ahhh.... I forget...

Jazzy: Ah... Maybe.... a lot of times?

Alex: once.

4) Who is your first crush?

Berlin: Well... I'm not sure if being forced into marriage counts, but there is always America...

Jazzy: Percy. Percy. Percy. Percy.

Alex: Myself

5) Dating anyone?

Berlin: Ach, I guess he counts as my boyfriend...

Jazzy: I wish!

Alex: Not at this moment

6) Biggest enemy?

Berlin: Ach! There's always that arse, France. He's really creepy!

Jazzy: Well... There is that one person who kidnapped me when I was little... but I don't really know of anyone else...

Alex: Luke.

Jazzy: What?! Why did you say Luke?! He'a awesome!

Alex: That's debatable

7) Greatest fear?

Berlin: Ah... Probably my other half...

Jazzy: Losing anyone I really care about...

Alex: Not being beautiful

8) Favorite food?


Jazzy: I like all food, but my favorite has to be pizza!

Alex: Salad

9) Favorite place?

Berlin: My garden

Jazzy: In the fields!

Alex: Anywhere there's a mirror

10) What do you do in your spare time?

Berlin: I like to read and sometimes I hang out with Feliciano...

Jazzy: play pranks with Connor and Travis

Alex: be amazingly gorgeous

11) How many times do you work out in a week?

Berlin: at least once a day

Jazzy: Ahh... It depends on how the director is feeling...

Alex: Never have, never will

12) There's a zombie apocalypse!

Berlin: Sheisse. Gotta go prepare Runs off to make plans

Jazzy: Who cares? I'm a demigod! I can take them!

Alex: Ish not answering

13) Favorite song?

Berlin: Blushes R-Rain Over Me

Jazzy: Ahhh... I have a lot.

Alex: I don't have to answer,

14) Do you like art?

Berlin: LOVE IT! Feliciano's paintings are probably the best above all though...

Jazzy: I guess so...

Alex: No.

15) Tell me your story.

Berlin: Ach. It's very... long.

Jazzy: Oooooo-kaaaay! Beings talking very fast and that's how I ended up where I am now!

Alex: Ish too busy staring into a mirror

16) Someone spilled your coffee. How do you respond?

Berlin: Ach mann! My coffee! Guess I'll just clean it up and make some more

Jazzy: Who drinks coffee anymore?! I've moved on to energy drinks!

Alex: I wasn't going to drink it anyways...

17) Here's $200!

Berlin: A-ach... I... I really don't need this...

Jazzy: COOL THANKS! runs off to show people

Alex: I don't need this, but alright...

18) Wanna prank someone?

Berlin: I guess I could finally get back at America for all those times he has pranked me...


Alex: Not interested...

19) I stole your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Berlin: No you didn't... Alfred would never leave me for anyone else... I hope... runs off to ask him

Jazzy: I don't have a boyfriend...

Alex: I do not currently have one, but if I did I'd probably just dump her and find a new one...

20) Does anyone have a crush on you?

Berlin: Ach... I'm really not sure if he counts... but he might...

Jazzy: I don't know...

Alex: Who doesn't?

21) Who's your biggest rival in the dating field?

Berlin: I-I wasn't sure I had one...

Jazzy: Probably Annabeth or Lacie...

Alex: No one. I'm beautiful

22) Would you look good in a tank top?

Berlin: I sure hope so... I'm always wearing one...

Jazzy: No.

Alex: I look better without a shirt on at all... ;)

23) Wanna throw an epic party?

Berlin: A Party...? Sounds like fun.


Alex: I guess...

24) throws epic party from Q23 Bro! You're so unprepared for this party! Where's the music, food and entertainment? Go get it.

Berlin: Ach! I totally need... Huge azz list

Jazzy: Runs off to get some

Alex: Ish not really caring

25) Are you enjoying this survey so far?

Berlin: I-I... I guess so...?

Jazzy: HELLS YA.

Alex: No.

26) How many questions do you think there are left?

Berlin: A-ah.... I don't really know..

Jazzy: Five?

Alex: Too many...

27) Have you ever kissed a girl/guy on the lips before?

Berlin: Yes.

Jazzy: N-no... Hides face

Alex: Many, many, many, many times

28) Have you ever kissed a the same s'ex on the lips before?

Berlin: Uh.... Well... Ah... Looks down yes, but I don't talk about it.

Jazzy: no.

Alex: Yes

29) Go rob that guy.

Berlin: Wh-what?! Why?

Jazzy: Does he have anything good?

Alex: No.

30) What is your opinion of time travel?

Berlin: Well... Alfred always seems to think it'd be cool... I haven't though much about it though...


Alex: No. Just... No.

31) If you're a host of a game show, how much money would you offer as a prize?

Berlin: Not paying attention

Jazzy: Uhhh..... A lot?

Alex: I wouldn't host a game show

32) What is your worst subject in school?

Berlin: Well... Uh... I've never been to school but if I did go to school it'd probably be... well... I'm not sure...

Jazzy: Literature class...

Alex: gym and every other class

33) Who is your best friend?

Berlin: Aah... Well... There's Feli... and Alfred... but I think above all, Belgium...


Alex: My mirror

34) Have you ever drank alcohol before?

Berlin: Many, many, many regretful times... and a few fun occasions

Jazzy: Once...

Alex: Yes

35) Who do you know that loves to drink alcohol?

Berlin: Prussia...

Jazzy: Ahh... There's that one god... what was his name again? I always forget it...

Alex: Diyonosis.

36) Do you smoke?

Berlin: I... used to...

Jazzy: Nah...

Alex: No.

37) Do you take drugs?

Berlin: Gott! NO!

Jazzy: People think I do, but I don't!

Alex: No.

38) Have you ever been drugged against your own will?

Berlin: Ach, yes. Damn France and his creepy desire for me...

Jazzy: Yes.

Alex: No.

39) Who was the first person to see you shirtless, apart from your parents?

Berlin: Ahh... This is... Awkward... Perhaps it wouldn't be right for me to speak... Especially since Alfred can probably hear me...

Jazzy: M-my first friend... b-but I don't remember her name...

Alex: My sister.

40) How old were you when your first tooth dropped out?

Berlin: Ish busy avoiding talking about the last question with Alfred

Jazzy: Ahhh... Three??

Alex: Four

41) Do you think you'd get drunk easily?

Berlin: No way! Being the younger sister to both Gilbert and Ludwig means I can hold my liquor well because that's all we really drink there!

Jazzy: Probably...

Alex: Used to, but not anymore...

42) Are you popular at school?

Berlin: Ach... I don't go to school, but all of the other nations seem to like me in one way or another...

Jazzy: No. I was always that weird kid no one ever talked to... Camp-Half Blood really saved me...

Alex: Yes.

43) Favorite book?

Berlin: F-Favorite book?! How could I possibly choose ONE?!

Jazzy: Eragon. I really loved that book...

Alex: I hate books...

44) Favorite color?

Berlin: B-blue because it's the color of Alfred's eyes...

Jazzy: Green... or blue

Alex: Red I guess...

45) Favorite number?

Berlin: Ah... What? You can have a favorite number? Well... I never thought of that...

Jazzy: 69! immature laughter

Alex: 18

46) How old were you when you started hitting puberty

Berlin: Ah... Well... Walks off to avoid answering.

Jazzy: 12...?

Alex: 14

47) Favorite word?

Berlin: Neko-chan! Japan taught it to me! It means cat in Japanese!

Jazzy: I like the word "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious." because it's so... loooooong.

Alex: Beauty

48) What pisses you off most of all?

Berlin: Ach! My damned brother when he finishes the rest of the alcohol!

Jazzy: When I'm not noticed...

Alex: What Jazzy said...

49) Would you prefer to be a redhead, a blondie or a brunette?

Berlin: Blonde... because that's what I already am and Alfred said he loves me the way I am so why would I change?

Jazzy: Brunette...

Alex: Blonde

50) Do you like blue eyes?

Berlin: Ach! Hell yes! Especially Alfred's! They're so... Blue!

Jazzy: Yes... but Percy's green eyes are better...

Alex: Yes.

51) Do you know any form of magic?

Berlin: Well... Yes... Most of it I learned on my own, but Arthur taught me some other spells too...

Jazzy: I wish.

Alex: Does being sexy count?

52) When did you first start to like the opposite szx?

Berlin: Ach! Many years ago...

Jazzy: I can't remember...

Alex: I don't remember a time when I didn't...

53) Do you know of any historical ancestor you maybe related to?

Berlin: Well... I may be related to Germania, but... I'm not exactly sure...

Jazzy: Hermes

Alex: Aphrodite

54) How much money do you have in the bank?

Berlin: Ahhh.... I'm not quite positive on that... Check back later...?

Jazzy: I don't know! Josh tries to maintain all the money so I don't spend it all on what he says are unimportant items...

Alex: A lot.

55) Between the love of your life and a diamond, what would you pick?

Berlin: Ach! How could you even ask that! There's no way I'd choose a diamond over Alfred!

Jazzy: P-Per-... The love of my life

Alex: ... I am the love of my life so why would I choose the diamond?

56) Between an apple and an orange, which would you pick?

Berlin: Ahhh... Apple

Jazzy: Oranges because they're so... ORANGE!!!

Alex: Doesn't answer

57) Have you ever vomited from over-eating?

Berlin: N-no... but I've gotten sick off of Arthur's cooking more times than I can count...

Jazzy: No...

Alex. Nope.

58) Have you ever seen yourself drunk like in a video or anything?


Jazzy: No

Alex: Yes... I'm still sexy...

59) Favorite movie?

Berlin: Ah! I really loved the movie The Hangover... Alfred and I have watched it thousands of times together!

Jazzy: I never really watched movies...

Alex: V-... Valentines Day.

60) Which is better, music or art?

Berlin: Ah... I don't know... Both are really good... I really love Feli's art... but music is truly amazing... I... I really cannot decide...

Jazzy: Music.

Alex: Neither

61) When you see a double rainbow, what do you think of?

Berlin: Ach! Ireland. He's always telling these silly stories about leprechauns keeping their gold at the end of one... It jst makes me think of how maybe each one lands in his country... That's where leprechauns come from... right? Or maybe not...


Alex: nothing...

62) I'm offering you some Green Tea. Would you take it?

Berlin: I would... if Japan made it... He makes some amazing green tea...

Jazzy: Yes!

Alex: No way...

63) The most popular guy in school invites you to one of his epic parties. What do you wear, what present do you bring and which girl/guy do you go with?

Berlin: Ah, well.. again... I don't go to school, but I guess I'd wear something... cuteish? and uh... Something... uh... nice? and I'd probably go with Alfred- he really likes parties....

Jazzy: Wh-what... Uh... well... I'm not sure I'd go because I'm really awkward and well... no one really likes me...

Alex: I'm the one hosting the party, damnit!

64) You are currently at the party that was mentioned in Q63. The only food available is chips, salsa, pizza, french fries, burgers, cake and shepherd's pie. If you have to eat at least 3 of these foods, which would you eat?

Berlin: Ah... Alfred would probably make me eat a burger, fries, and cake... Personally I wouldn't eat any of it, I mean... gott. Him and his fattening food... doesn't he want to stay skinny? For god's sake that guy.... Muttering continues

Jazzy: All of it... :3

Alex: Ships, salsa and the pie I guess...

65) Which state is a seriers of tropical islands and is also known as the Aloha State?

Berlin: ACH MANN!!! How do I not know this?! Ah, Alfred's going to laugh when he finds out...

Jazzy: Isn't that Hawaii?

Alex: Hawaii.

66) Back to the party in Q63. The popular guys ask you to join them ina game of Truth or Dare. When someone asks you to pick Truth or Dare,what do you pick?

Berlin: D-dare...?

Jazzy: Truth...

Alex: Truth

67) Back to Truth or Dare. So if you picked Truth, the guy asked you how many girls/guys you kissed. If you picked Dare, the guy asked you to drink 10 cans of beer in one go. What is your reaction to the option that you picked?

Berlin: HA! THAT IT?! I CAN HANDLE THAT! I mean... O-okay...

Jazzy: Oh... uh...

Alex: Smirking

68) Back to the party. After Truth or Dare, you can either go dance to the music, play Poker, play Spin the Bottle or play Blackshot. What do you do?

Berlin: I'd probably play Poker... I'm a pro at it...

Jazzy: Dance...

Alex: Spin the Bottle

69) One of your best friends shows up at the party and after eating,he vomits all over himself. What do you do to assist?

Berlin: I take them somewhere they can get themselves together and then go back to clean up the mess

Jazzy: I'm ashamed to say it, but I'd probably freak out and run around like an idiot.

Alex: Make fun of them... It's what all the beautiful people do.

70) The party is over. Now tell me what is the capital of Russia?

Berlin: Ach! Moscow! I'm just wondering how it is I know Mr. Russia's capital but I don't know the name of one of Alfred's states...

Jazzy: Uh.... I don't know...?

Alex: I really don't care what it is...

71) How many dimes are in a quarter?

Berlin: Two.

Jazzy: Wait... Quarters have dimes in them?!

Alex: I don't know...?

72) Would you rather live in the North Pole or the South Pole?

Berlin: Either one! It's very pretty in both places!

Jazzy: South Pole! I think that's where all the penguins live! Or... is that the north pole?

Alex: Neither... It's too cold...

73) Okay, awkward questions aside. Do you have pubic hair?

Berlin: .... Ah... what?

Jazzy: ...... No comment, bro.

Alex: Not answering.

74) Okay, seriously. No more awkward questions. Tell me, do you prefer Wii or PlayStation?

Berlin: Ach, I'd much prefer to be outside, but Alfred makes me play games with him so I prefer Wii... It's much more active...

Jazzy: I don't play video games really...

Alex: Neither...

75) This is the end of the survey...for now.Go repost this!

Berlin: It's over...? Great... Now I have to explain some of my answers to Alfred...

Jazzy: Awwh... That was fun... I really liked this...

Alex: leaves

As for you readers out there, repost this as well! Have fun!

Oh and P.S, if you repost this using female OCs, just change all the 'girls' in the questions to 'boys'.

For example:


63) The most popular guy in school invites you to one of his epic parties. What do you wear, what present do you bring and which GIRL do you go with?

to this!

63) The most popular guy in school invites you to one of his epic parties. What do you wear, what present do you bring and which GUY do you go with?


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