Dear big sis....

About a girl who had to leave into the army when she hit 8 years old.
Her big sister Kailaili was someone who watched over her all those years of her life. And so now she's telling her sister about the whole time she is in camp and on the battlefield.

Chapter 1

Taken away

Dear big sister...
Today is my 8th birthday..
And I loved the way i'd always sit across from you.
But now...
now.. Everything has changed.
Right as I blow out one candle...
I hear a knock on our door...
There were two army men outside.
I saw mom run to me with tears in her eyes...
"I love you... Don't ever forget that ok?" she said and kissed me on the forehead.
Everyone was crying about now..
My big sis...
Just sat there smiling and the tears spilling out of her eyes. "Be safe,I love you, be careful out there." she said sadly.
Dad didn't say anything... No tears,no words, nothing.
The Army men grabbed my hands and leads me to a truck.
I knew where I was going now...
I was joining the Army.

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