What is fame?

This is what I think of fame. What do YOU think?

Chapter 1

What is fame?

There are plenty of ways to become famous in our society today.
You can become an overnight sensation by posting a video on YouTube, or go onto X Factor and get put into an awesome boy band. But what if everyone was famous? Then nobody would be really famous, right? I myself would like to be famous someday, my friend and I have teamed up and we record ourselves singing latest hits. But is being famous really all that fun? You have to run away from screaming fans, take orders from bossy managers, get paper cuts from fan mail, and hated on by the haters.

So is all this fame really worth it? Or are my friend and I just wasting our time? I would like to be famous until I'm about twenty, then probably go to college for a real career. Because let's face it, if you do become famous, the fame doesn't last forever, does it?


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