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Chapter 4

Loose Ends

by: CaughtUp
Link: http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/h4lXu5N/Loose-Ends-An-Original-Story

Author: Bree http://www.quibblo.com/user/Linde

Allison: Hello, Bree. Thanks for letting me interview you. I was quite excited to interview you, due to your wonderful writing. Now, first question... Yes, the story, Loose Ends. How did you come up with that amazing plot of yours?

Bree: Actually, that's quite funny. I had a bit of writer's block for one of my other stories, so I decided on writing a one-shot about a girl who had gone through something terrible. At the time, I hadn't even thought out that bit.

It was only later when I decided to make Catherine a rápe victim, and thought that a story about her alone would become tedious and cliché. That's why I added Josephine Powell, a psychologist, and later Julie Powell and Louis Gladstone. It wasn't until they hopped on the bandwagon that an idea popped into my head very suddenly, and I finally knew where I was going!

Allison: Oh, yes, that is truly fascinating. For people who haven’t read Loose Ends, even though I would force them to read it, how would you describe the plot clearly?

Bree: Catherine is a girl with a dark secret. When things go from bad to worse, her parents force her to see a psychologist by the name of Josephine Powell. Josephine manages to coax the secret out of Catherine as months pass - which is when the story starts - but finds herself unsettled by this new information, having compared Catherine to her daughter Julie one too many times. Meanwhile, Julie Powell - a quiet, internet-addicted girl - jumps into the picture. This is followed by the introduction of Louis Gladstone, a boy who is bullied at school, and the story continues to narrate their feelings regarding life and the crap that happens to people... but just as it seems that they don't have a connection, everything starts to mix together and a climax is reached.

Allison: Descriptive. Thank you for telling us, the brief explanation of Loose Ends. It is a great plot like the ones I interviewed earlier. Next, yes, out of your characters, Catherine, Josephine, Julie and Louis, is any of these characters based on your friends, family, in real life?

Bree: Bits and pieces! Both Catherine and Julie have aspects to them that can be found in some of my friends and family members. Louis and Josephine, however, were completely made up - it's one of the reasons I'm terrified of messing up the plot with them!

Allison: Thank you, and Did anyone in Quibblo or some famous writers inspire you to write 'Loose Ends'?

Bree: Certainly! I had a period in which I read a lot of books from Jodi Piccoult, which also describe the problems of people's lives. She's definitely the inspiration behind 'Loose Ends' for me, though many others have encouraged me to write more.

Allison: Gladly, Loose Ends is a wonderful story, so I must thank Jodi Piccoult. Loose Ends really does seem interesting, yes and which genre do you think Loose Ends would fit in?

Bree: Young adult fiction, I think.

Allison: Out of the characters, who was your favorite and is there a reason?

Bree: Tough one! I'll admit I have a fondness for all characters. There's something really raw about Louis, which seems to make most readers pick him as a favourite, but I think I myself favour Catherine Hughes. While Julie is undoubtedly most relatable, Catherine is just a nasty girl who lies and cheats her way out of situations, and, at the same time, wants nothing more than to be the perfect little girl her parents expect her to be - she's probably the most complex character I have ever created, if I do say so myself.

Allison: Yes, I agree and nobody is completely flawless, as we all say. If you have the chance, would you like to publish this book and become a writer?

Bree: Whew... probably the toughest question of all. While I have many supporters on this site - and I'm definitely honoured by their trust in my writing and 'Loose Ends' in particular - I'm not sure I would. First there's the issue of finding a publisher willing to publish something like this, and then there's the possibility that, apart from a select view, it won't be received well and I'll be known as "that silly girl who published too early". It's definitely a dream, but probably not one that will happen anytime soon, if at all!

Allison: Oh, yes, I understand, but after all, if we see you becoming a writer, we sure wouldn't be surprised! You would make a great writer. Last question, do you enjoy the ratings, the comments, or the reads?

Bree: More than anything! While I write for myself in the end, it's the comments and ratings, mostly, that keep me going. Knowing I'm apparently doing okay is a great incentive to work on a story more, and whenever I get another fan my day can't go wrong. When I started this story, I didn't expect more than fourteen votes or so. I was astonished when I reached twenty, and thought that would be the end of it. And here I am, at eighty-three votes (though I have a suspicion the real number is closer to seventy-five, as some fans secretly rated it twice)! It's delightful, to say the least.

Allison: Ah, yes. Thank you, Bree for answering my questions and participating in my interview. It was a delight, and I thank you again.

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