How to annoy characters from books (warning: may cause hysterical laughter)

I've seen a couple of these around, and i just decided to make my own! Hope you like it!

Chapter 1

Bobby Pendragon

1. Remind him that Loor dumped him
2. Remind him of the "Hindenburg" incident and ask why he failed
3. Tease him about getting his arm trapped in a skimmer and pulled halfway across Cloral
4. Tell him Saint Dane has cameras watching his every move - including in the shower. (Remember the last part, that will really freak him out.)
5. Make him send Courtney a Valentine
6. Dress up as a dado and tell him Veego sent you to recapture him (prepare to die, this is a really bad idea)
7. Tell him he is no longer a Traveler, as he has been replaced by Alexander Naymeer.

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