How to annoy characters from books (warning: may cause hysterical laughter)

I've seen a couple of these around, and i just decided to make my own! Hope you like it!

Chapter 2


WARNING: Loor is a Bedoowan warrior princess and will kick your behind if you attempt any of these things. Don't say I didn't warn you.

1. Dress up as Bokka (or Osa, if you want to be really cruel) and tell her you are back from the dead. Then laugh when she gets emotional.
2. Tease her about the time she beat up a bunch of "guards" who were actually dummies
3. Act like Saangi (In any way. This will annoy her. A lot.)
4. Steal her stave
5. Break her stave
6. Do anything else to her stave
7. Tease her about being the only girl to pass the Bedoowan warrior test (i.e, "Did you have a hard time time keeping up with the boys, you poor thing?")
8. Throw her in a swimming pool and laugh when she starts screaming
9. Push her into a flume to Cloral (warning! If she survives, she will kill you!)
10. Bring a gallon jug of water to her house and drink the whole thing in front of her, without offering her any
11. Poke her until she hits you, then remind her never to make the first move
12. Force her to kiss Bobby in front of Saangi (or Courtney)

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