How to annoy characters from books (warning: may cause hysterical laughter)

I've seen a couple of these around, and i just decided to make my own! Hope you like it!

Chapter 3

Vo Spader

1. Remind about his father's death or anything related to it
2. Tease him about the "Hindenburg" incident
3. Tell him Wu Yenza is in love with him (actually, this probably won't annoy him. He jokes about it all the time anyway. Strike that, he jokes about everything.)
4. Make fun of the way he talks
5. Tell him Grolo canceled his tab and he can't buy sniggers anymore (Better not! This might kill him!)
6. Tell him Courtney told you she likes him and tell him to tell her he feels the same way (Now they will both kill you. Congratulations.)

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