This is my main Clan, SnowClan. Please no hate, I know the names are weird but I like them. ;) Some of these are my friends, too. :3 And please no taking names, unless you have my permission to or if you already have it...
I may even put down my cats' descriptions and write a story about them; who knows. You'll never know what I'm up to..XD
If you wanna join, please let me know in the comments with your cat's name, description, gender, personality, and rank(no leader, deputy, or med. cat plz..

Chapter 1

Cats Of SnowClan

by: _Riley_
Leader: Froststar
Deputy: Speckleflower
Medicine Cat: Coralshimmer
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Maypool
Warriors: Sprinkledrizzle, Sugarmoon, Slushtail, Blizzardstorm, Snowstream, Bluetail, Bluepool, Silverleaf, Leafcatcher, Whitefur, Oceanwave, Sugarfrenzy, Junepelt (helps with med cat duties, too), Ravenfeather, Breezeclaw, Freezepond, Frozentail, Flamestripe, Thrushtail, Cloudflight, Forestleaf, Hazelcreek, Flamemoon, Cinnamon (born as a rogue), Willowfeather, Gingersnap, Moondash, Jayblaze, Spiritleaf, Honeyglaze, Savageheart, Brackenleaf, Springfeather, Iceshade, Mistyshadow, Rockfall, Hailfur, Wolfclaw, Rumblefrost, Timberpool, Riverwave, Wishshimmer, Skyfire, Zebratail, Blazestrike, Streamtail, Darkshadow, Nightwatcher, Indigoviolet, Snowflower, Flowersong, Sunfire, ...


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