Insanity In My Life

Just random hilarious quotes from people I know. Saw other people doing it and thought, "Why not?"

Chapter 1


at a Virtual Hangout after school

Derek: after playing Valentine's Day trivia Okay, Debbie was right, in Europe on Valentines day the woman is supposed to marry the first guy she sees.

Aaron: Dude, I'm just gonna go stand in the mall and be like "WAAZUP LADIESSSS"

Random person: Really Aaron?

Aaron: "Yes guys, this is my wife. I met her because I yelled at her in the mall."
later at the VH

Faith: Sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star! hahahaha

Aaron: No way! That song creeps me out! If I hear it I will literally go into a panic attack!
Me: I think I have ADD. Not the funny ooh-look-a-squirrel-shiny-object-why-am-I-holding-a-liver-that-fish-just-talked-to-me ADD I always joked about having, but real, actual, holy-crap-I-can't-concentrate-the-heck-was-I-doing-meh-I'll-just-go-do-this-thingy ADD. It sucks.
while helping out in nursery at church

Maylin: crying
Me: runs and grabs bubbles Check this out! starts blowing bubbles
Maylin: still crying a little
Lyza: Ooh! tries to grab bubble
Me: See? THAT is the appropriate response to bubbles!
waiting for a library thing to start

Tiny Stalker: I'm gonna recite a poem today. 'Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening' by Robert Frost! I memorized it for Christmas.

Me: Cool! I still remember 'Will There Really be a Morning?' by Emily Dickenson from my English class last year. recites poem

TS: Did you say you DIDN'T have anything to recite today?

Me: Oh, yeah! I can also do this one Doctor Who poem.

TS: You mean 'Rose is a companion, the TARDIS is blue, something something something, bow ties are cool' or something like that?

Me: Actually, that one is 'Fezzes are red, the TARDIS is blue, bow ties are cool, and so are you'.

TS: Oh yeah! That's it!

Me: What I mean is the one that's like "Rose went away, so the Doctor is blue..." trying to think of next line SHOOT!

TS: laughing I like that! "Rose went away, so the Doctor is blue, SHOOT!"

Me: Nooo, I just forgot the next line! Okay, got it now. "Rose went away, so the Doctor is blue. Ask Donna 'Where's the Doctor?' and she'll reply 'Doctor who?' Sarah-Jane, and Martha, now both of the Ponds had their fun with the Doctor and now they've all gone. So ask me again why the TARDIS is blue, there's a sad man inside with both hearts torn in two!"

TS: laughing Oh! I get it! "Both hearts torn in two" because he has two hearts!

Me: sarcastically as possible NO WAY.

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