Cameron Boyce (A love story)

This story is about a girl who gets to meet her favorite celeb. of all time.. Cameron Boyce! But is it mor than just friends when they meet?? Read to find out (FOR TRUTHANATORS ONLY)
Cameron: A cute sweet boy (luke)
Grace: The girl who falls in love
Jordan: Grace's best friend (Girl)
Peyton: As herself (emma)
Karan: as himself (ravi)
Skai: as herself (zuri)
Debbie: as herself (Jessie)

Chapter 1

A Different Morning __

by: G_Horan
Grace's POV:
i woke up to the beeping of my alarm clock, time for another day at school... but it's finally friday! I got dressed in my green shirt that says "Love Cameron Boyce" (yeah i love him btw. deal with it) and my blue jeans with my cute neon blue high top Jordan's (yeah sounds like im a tomboy but im actually not...used to be a girly girl..good thing thats over). i walk to my bathroom and wash up my face and straighten my hair then bump it. After, i put on my mascara and some bottom eyeliner.
5 minutes later
Mom: Good morning sweetie! cute outfit. :)
M: thank you! and good morning to you 2! it's finally friday.
Mom: Well i need to tell you something.
M: what is it?? (anxiously waiting)
Mom: ok, i got you and jordan 2 plane tickets to go to New York and meet the cast of Jessie.
M: WHAT! oh mommy thank you when are we going??!!
Mom: your leaving tomorrow at about 2;00 so your going to have to start packing tonight. and Jordan is staying the night!
M: omg yay. thank you mom your the best!


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