ThatEnglishGuy's Guide to Getting Free Stuff

For those at a financial disposition. ;)

Chapter 1

Yay! Free Stuff

Free phone charger and other items

Lost your phone charger and need a new one? Head over to your local hospital/hotel/etc and say you forgot yours there about a week ago. They'll most likely have a big lost and found bin with all the ones that people have left there over time in. Dig down and pick one from the bottom, that way you can be sure the real owner isn't coming back for it.

Cheap/free pizza

Want cheap (albeit maybe slightly low quality) pizza? Call up your local pizza place and ask of they have any discount pizzas (that were ordered but not picked up). They might even give it to you for nothing. This works especially well if you're not particularly bothered about toppings.

Free haircuts and styling

This is another good one of you aren't all that bothered about what you end up with. No matter where you live, there will almost certainly be trainee hair dressers seeking models. Call or visit your local fashion/hairdressing school or college and say you want to be a model/subject/whatever. Obviously you accept your free haircut at your own risk, but altogether that risk shouldn't be all that great. The trainee will most likely be supervised by a tutor and you should be told what kind of haircut you'll be given before they start.

Cheaper coffee

Ask for a medium coffee in a large cup, or a small coffee in a medium cup. They'll most likely over pour and you'll have free extra coffee. It doesn't matter if it doesn't work because you haven't lost out on anything.

Free accommodation

On a roadtrip and can't afford to pay for a motel? Park in a Walmart parking lot and sleep in your car. It's definitely not ideal, but they'll never kick you out.

Get companies to send you free stuff

Write a letter or email to a company saying that you really enjoy their service/product and have stuck with them for a long time (maybe include a personal story). Then ask if you could possibly have some free or discount items for your loyalty.

Alternatively, call up and complain about their service or product. Ask if you can have a replacement or a free/discount item as compensation.

Another way is to start a reviews blog. Ask companies to send you free samples for you to review. They'll most likely be more than happy to send you free stuff in exchange for cheap publicity.


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