I have made a goal for myself (READ PLS)

Chapter 1


by: 68687
Okay, so with the news that my school Talent Show is in 2 months, I have set a goal for myself.

I want to play this song for the Talent Show, and I have 2 months to prepare for it. The full and entire version. This is the version from all the movies, but this is the song:


He's a Pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean. I hope I can reach this goal! So please, it'd be awesome to see if you guys could support me! And, I have played I think more harder songs in the past than this one, but it is also quite difficult, it goes pretty fast. So, do you think I can do it, with my 7 years of Piano Experience?

Hopefully, I can. :) I have the sheet music :O

Thank you for reading, and I seriously hope I can make this goal.



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