Sing to Me in the Morning (an original love story)

Charlie has been friends with Shawn since college. Their whole group of friends has always made jokes about how the two of them are perfect for each other...but are they really?

hey guys, this is for the Writing Contest! hope you like it! :D

Chapter 2

December 24, 2012- Dallas, Texas

Shawn's POV

I grabbed a Sprite from the fridge, shutting the door quickly so that I wouldn't "waste electricity". I popped the top on the Sprite and took a gulp, grabbing two cookies from the plate on the counter.


I hid the cookies behind my back hastily.

"Tell your Dad that Sandy, Teresa and I are going to the store!" Mom said as she pssed through the kitchen on her way to the front door where Sandy and Teresa were waiting. "And you two had better not eat anything because I'm making a big meal when I get back!"

I nodded and waved, grinning as they climbed into Teresa's rusty old pick-up truck and drove down the road that connected the ranch to Dallas.

I walked thorugh the house and out onto the sceened-in porch, where Dad was sitting watching football stats on the TV with our old hound dog Hunter sitting at his feet, sleeping.

I sat down on the chair next to his, taking a bit of Mom's still-warm peanut butter cookies.

"Didn't Mom jus' tell you not to eat?" Dad raised an eyebrow at me.

I grinned at him, my mouth full of cookie.

Dad shook his head and snatched the second cookie from my hand. "Gimme that."

We both ate our cookies, watching the re-cap of the Cowboy's last name, discussing our chances against the Redskins this Sunday.

When it went to commercial though, Dad hit the mute button. "Sandy tells me that you screwed a lot of shiit up back there in LA."

I put a hand across my eyes as I winced, remembering what had happened the night before between me and Charlie.

"Son, we've met Charlie. The girl's amazing. And if you let her slip away, you're doing the wrong thing." Dad said seriously.

"Dad, I can't put her through that pain, that torture, of always having to wonder if I'm even alive!" I shook my head firmly. "I won't do it, damn it!"

"What do you think your sisters are going to go through?" Dad snapped back. "And me and your Ma? We're going to be doing the same damn thing, and so will Charlie! Whether you like it or not, son, it's gonna happen!"

I took a deep breath, leaning forward with my elebows on my knees, my eyes closed. "What...what am I supposed to do, Dad?"

Dad shook his head, un-muting the television and looking away from me in an attempt to hide the tears in his eyes. "I...I don't know, Shawn. Just understand that everyone who cares about you is going to worry. Whether you want them to or not."


I was sitting on my old bed, listening to Elvis Presley sing his heart out in Teddy Bear as I wrote a letter, when my computer screen lit up with the Skype symbol, making my music cut off as it "Rang".

Frowning in confusion, I clicked on the "Answer" button.

It's eleven o'clock at night. Who the hell is Skyping me?

The screen finally loaded and I could see Billy, Ryan, Scott, Roxy, and Terry all crowded around the screen, dressed in their finest.

"Hey, Shawn!" They all chorused, waving and grinning.

I waved back, smiling. "Hey, guys. Aren't you supposed to be at the office party?"

"We are, don't you worry." Billy grinned and then the camera was moving so that I could see that they were indeed in Scott's office. Through the glass windows facing the rest of the office, I could see the rest of the employees of the building talking and laughing and drinking and dancing, music blasting. The only lights I could see were a few colored lights and a disco ball.

"Who the hell brought a disco ball?" I asked incredulously, laughing.

"Don't you dare make fun of that!" I heard Billy say indignantly as Roxy and Terry laughed.

I rolled my eyes, hearing the camera being put back down on Scott's desk and seeing Jeanne and Dylan walk into the office as well, waving.

"Why'd you call me again? It's close to midnight here." I said mildly, raising an eyebrow at them.

"Everyone wanted to say good-bye to you because they didn't get to last week cause most of them didn't know." Ryan's voice said. "So just smile and wave, boys, smile and wave."

I burst out laughing as Roxy yanked Terry and Scott out of the office, letting other people from our building in to say good-bye.

And I did just like Ryan said, smiling and waving, laughing at jokes and groaning in sympathy when friends shared stories of their soon-to-be-suckish Christmases because of parents or in-laws coming to town.

I was actually enjoying myself, even though I wasn't there.

Mom, Dad, Teresa and Sandy had gone to midnight mass in Dallas, leaving around ten to get there a little beforehand to speak with the preacher. I stayed home because I was "sick" when really I jsut didn't want to spend my last night not in the Army in a church.

Looking back, I should have gone with them.

It would have saved me so much pain.

There was a commotion at the door to the office, and I could hear Charlie's voice louder than everyone else's: "What the hell are you guys doing? I told you not to have an orgy without me!"

Everyone was laughing, and then Ryan moved slightly, and I got a clear view of Charlie.


Charlie was wearing a skin-tight short red dress with only one shoulder, which was covered in see-through lace.

Matched with that, she had worn decorative fishnet stockings and knee-high stiletto boots and a Santa Claus hat.

I was no longer listening to Billy's hilarious tale about how he'd tripped up the stairs that morning, I was too busy gaping at Charlie.

And just around her neck, I could see the silver twinkle of a necklace.

A necklace that had...too late, someone moved in front of her, and I couldn't tell what was on the necklace.

"Hey, uh, guys, I'll miss ya, see you when I can!" I called out shakily, waving with my smile rather forced, and then hitting the "End Call" button.

But not before Charlie looked over and caught sight of me, meeting my eyes for a second.

She opened her mouth to- what? Say hello? Yell and curse at me? Laugh?

I would never know, because that was when the slow Skype system finally caught up and shut down, leaving me in darkness and in a silent, empty house in Dallas, Texas.

When I'd much rather be back in Los Angeles, California.


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