Sing to Me in the Morning (an original love story)

Charlie has been friends with Shawn since college. Their whole group of friends has always made jokes about how the two of them are perfect for each other...but are they really?

hey guys, this is for the Writing Contest! hope you like it! :D

Chapter 3

December 31, 2012- Times Square, New York

A/N: Hey guys! Okay, so do you know the Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve show with Ryan Seacrest? If not, Google it. There are two other people that help Ryan Seacrest host- Fergie in California and what's-her-name in Time's Square. Charlie is going to replace the what's-her-name, okay? Thanks! :D

"Ryan, how did you get so funny!" I grinned into the camera, holding my microphone steady even as my fingers longed to shake from the cold. "And right now I am right down here in the thick of Time's Square, and you can hear how loud everyone is, Ryan, they are ready for this new year to come around!"

A group of three young girls behind me screamed loudly in appreciation, making my ears ring.

But I just continued to laugh and grin at the camera, hearing Ryan Seacrest's voice in my headset as he said, "Oh, wow, they are getting excited aren't they?"

"They sure are, Ryan! And I can't help but get caught up in this excitement too! The new year is only twenty minutes away!" I made an "OhmiGod-I'm-so-excited" face at the camera.

Ryan laughed. "Well, Charlie, now is the time that we say who we're thankful for for making 2012 a spectacular year. Who are you making call-outs to this year, Charlie?"

I grinned as Curt waved at me from behind the camera to walk to the right as I talked. "Wel,, as always, my Mom! And also all of my friends back in LA- Billy, Scott, Sandy, Ryan, Terry, Roxy!" I blew a kiss at the camera, knowing they were watching this back at home. "I love you guys and I'll be in the New Year before you, so HA!"

Ryan laughed, as did Curt and Steven, the camera guy, and I grinned in satisfaction. "Now, don't you go away! We've only got fifteen minutes left in 2012 and you won't want to miss a thing! And don't forget to text your choice for who I'll be kissing at midnight!"

I had now reached the three guys that Curt had picked out from the crowd for the contest. I motioned to each of them turn as they stood there grinning like fools.

"Will it be- the sexy military man? The hot fireman, or the ruggedly good-looking police officer?" I winked at the last guy before turning to the camera. "Come on guys, figure out who I'll be kissing at midnight! Back to you Ryan!"

"And- you're off!" Steven said loudly, letting me know that the camera had stopped recording.

I let my shoulders relax for a second, sighing as I tried to warm my gloveless hands that had gone numb ages ago, handing the microphone to Curt for a minute. "Damn, it's cold, huh?"

Curt rolled his eyes. "Isn't it cold every year, Charlie? Just be thankful that it's not below zero for Christ's sake!"

Yet I was still bundled in a long overcoat and a thick scarf.

I would be wearing gloves and a hat and another scarf, but I "had to show off my face and hair" according to Curt.

"Bull shit. I'm freezing to death out here." I grinned and took a sip of the hot cocoa mug that Curt was holding out to me. "Ah, thanks."

Even when the cameras weren't on me, the crowd was still going beserk.

"All right, Charlie, you're about to be back on, I'll tell you who won the contest, okay?" Ryan's voice said through my headset.

I handed the mug back to Curt, took the microphone back, and got my smile back on as Steven counted down. "3...2...1..." He pointed at me, letting me know that I'm on again.

"Hey, Ryan, we've only got a few minutes left in this wonderful new year, and everyone around here is getting so pumped up!" I grinned at the people behind me as they yelled and screamed, waving their posters in the air. "What's your name?" I asked a college-age girl wearing 2013 glasses and a hat, with earmuffs, a scarf, and gloves to go with it.

"I'm Cassie!" She grinned, shouting into the microphone.

"Where are you from, Cassie?" I asked with a smile, looking into the camera before turning back to her.

"I'm from Portland, Oregon!" She said loudly, as a couple of her friends whooped and cheered.

"Wow, that's a long way, is there anyone you want to say hi to?"

These people are sooo loud.

"I just want to say hi to my mom, and to my awesome boyfriend, I miss you guys and love you too!" Cassie grinned, waving madly at the camera, her eyes shining with happiness.

"Well, enjoy the rest of this year, you guys!" I waved to them before stepping slightly to the right, turning back to the camera. "And as you all know, you got to vote on who I'll be kissing at midnight!" I chirped, grinning. "And the results are now in!"

"You'll be kissing the guy in the Army uniform." Ryan said through my headset.

"And your pick was....the sexy military man!" I made a "ohmigod-he's-so-hot-I'm-so-lucky" face at the camera as I looped my arm through the tall guy's arm. "Oh, speaking of which, we only have two minutes until the end of this new year! Back to you, Ryan!"

I waved at the camera, and then everyone in Times Square, everyone on the Eastern Shore, started counting down as the final minute of the new year ticked by.

"48, 47, 46, 45, 44..."

I squeezed my eyes shut, grinning like I was pretending to make a wish, but really I was giving myself a second, because I'd much rather be spending my new year with Shawn.

I haven't let myself think about him since the Christmas Office Party.


God, I miss him. Why'd he have to leave? Why does it hurt so much?


I opened my eyes back up and looked up at the guy I was expected to kiss, the guy I had to kiss for the camera, for the crowd, for the country.

Just pretend it's Shawn. I told myself.

Just like last year I'd told myself to think it was my boyfriend, but what an asshole he'd turned out to be.

I started counting down too, as the crowd screamed louder and louder.


Just like last year, and every year I'd been doing this since 2010, I was in awe of just how many people were here, and how many people were all around me, cheering loudly as we watched a million-dollar, color-changing ball drop down, marking the end of another year.

I punched my fist in the air with each new count. "FIVE! FOUR! THREE! TWO!"

"ONE!" The whole Eastern Shore screamed as one.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!!" The boards all around Times Square were suddenly blaring in bright, flashing letters.

I turned to the Army guy, wrapped my arms around his neck, and kissed him full on the mouth, feeling his arms wrap around my waist, pulling me closer, enjoying himself.

I lost myself in the kiss, trying not to think about the fact that I didn't know this guy and would much rather be spending my first kiss of the year with Shawn.

But I was getting paid for this, so I sucked it up.

I love you, Shawn. Wherever you are.

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