The Doctor and His Tardis

The Doctor and His Tardis

I came up with a lovely idea, sorry about that. I've been having terrible writer's block but I was in the shower and thought of this so I had to write it!

Chapter 1

The Doctor

It was like any other day, without Rose, that is. Flying the TARDIS and saving people from timey-wimey catastrophes. I wasn't happy, honestly. Very lonely like I'd been before. Like all the times I didn't have a companion. It seemed like forever before I found another amazing person to travel with, but there was always the time they had to go. I couldn't keep them forever, they had lives to live.

While I was pondering on my sadness, the TARDIS started itself and jerked violently. "Where you taking me now?" I jumped up with a slight smirk to the center console. It was hard to hold on, like always, but I managed to keep myself on my feet. The TARDIS was flying fast and making the noise. I really didn't knkw how to describe it, but it was just the noise she made. We started to slow down and then stopped abruptly. I waited for the TARDIS to park itself. "Wonder where you've taken me now..." I strolled to the door and grabbed my coat. I opened it up to see London again. There always seemed to be trouble here, but I didn't mind. I walked outside, locked the doors behind me, and started to wander the streets of London....

I returned to the TARDIS with an ice cream cone and unlocked the doors. There was no trouble yet, but the TARDIS brought me here for some reason. While hopping up the steps and eating my ice cream, I whistled a bit. I looked up and almost dropped my treat. "What?" I furrowed my brow and then repeated myself. "What? Who?" There, curled up in the fetal position, was a young girl. She looked no older than 13, had no clothes on, whatsoever, and was sleeping soundly and peacefully. I decided that I'd better get her a blanket or something to cover her up when she woke up, so I hurried to go retrieve one.

Upon my return, I saw her stirring a bit, as if she were going to wake up. I hurried over and draped the big blanket over her bare body. While I was waiting, I was thinking about how she got in the TARDIS. The doors were locked, I checked, and there was no other way inside. This really was confusing, I had no explanation for how this girl got in here. I turned my head when I started to hear the blanket shuffling and moving around.

A yawn was released and then I saw her feel around her face and pulled her ears and hair. "Hmm... a nose, ears, hair... I'm ginger? I wanted purple hair!" She hissed and then stood up while holding the blanket tightly. "Where's Dad..." I heard her mumble and she started to spin slowly to get a good look of the TARDIS. "Dad!" She ran over to me and I stared at her with the most confused look ever. "Dad, I need clothes." "I'm not sure how you got in here, but I can assure you I'm not your dad..." She frowned. "You're the Doctor. Your home planet is Gallifrey, where the Time War took place. Daleks despise and fear you. Your TARDIS' chameleon circuit is broken, that's why it's always a police box. You leave the parking break on. And your real name is--" "That's enough. What is your name?"

She opened her mouth to answer, but didn't speak for a moment. "I don't have one..." She looked down at the ground sadly. "How about we get you some clothes, eh?" I patted her shoulders and led her to a big room full of clothes for different centuries and places in time. "What would you like?" Her eyes widened. I left her to pick out her outfit and returned to the main control room. I tapped my foot impatiently and she revealed herself moments later with some clothes.

"Hello!" I greeted with a smile and she ran over to give me a hug. "Where are we going?" I was thinking about places I could take her, but remembered she needed a name. "What should we name you..." I thought about millions of names, but all I could think of was Rose... "How about we go walking around London?" I asked and she tilted her head. "What's London?" I smiled widely and grabbed her hand as we made our way to the doors.

"London is a city. In England." I explained as I closed and locked the door behind us. "What's England?" She stared at all the buildings with wide curious eyes. "It's a country, on the planet Earth." I put the key in my pocket and grabbed her hand. More like her sleeve since she was wearing a sweater that was 10 sizes bigger than it needed to be. "This is Earth? Does that mean they're humans?" She smiled widely and I nodded. "What's that?" She ran off across the street to a store window. Luckily there wasn't a lot of traffic and I ran after her. "Don't run off like that, please!" I scolded a bit. "Sorry, I just want to know what this was..." She said with a bit of shame and I just shook my head slightly. "It's a store. They sell clothes here for people to buy and wear." "Can we go in?"

We entered the store and she couldn't help but hurry around the store, picking up anything that suited her interest. Soon she had a mound of clothes and went to the changing rooms. I sat outside the rooms patiently as she mix and matched every piece of clothing. Soon she was done and then all the clothes ended up on the return rack. "This 'store' is so amazing!" She sqealed and I couldn't help but smile. "Where to next, Dad?" I hesitated for a moment, and fought the urge. "I think we should go wherever you want to..." She grinned and held my hand as we strolled out to the sunlit streets on London.

Later, we were back at the TARDIS and I'd taught my "daughter" everything about London. Everything she asked I answered. My only question was, "How did you get in the TARDIS?" She thought hard, but explained she couldn't remember anything but, "I only remember sleeping and then dreaming suddenly. I don't remember or know anything about myself, only about you, Dad." I almost flinched at that word again, but kept it under control.

We were just sitting around trying to solve this mystery, then I came up with a name. "I'll call you Tardis. You appeared from nowhere in here, and you seem to know about it. Is that okay?" "I think it's a lovely name!" She jumped from the rail she was sitting on and yawned. "I'm tired, Dad. Where can I sleep?" I didn't have a room prepared for her, or for anyone, honestly. "Umm, follow me." She slipped her hand into mine and followed me through the door that led to the mass corridors of the TARDIS.

As I stepped foot into the corridor, I noticed a new door right in front of us. "That wasn't there before..." It opened up with a swish and there was a bedroom all ready for someone to sleep in. It was a girl's room, for sure, and had a window to look outside. "It's perfect! Thanks, Dad!" Tardis gave me a big hug and jumped onto her big bed. "Yeah..." I left her to go to sleep and headed back to the control room. It was just too confusing, even for me, the clever Doctor. I didn't understand how she or her bedroom appeared. She kept calling me Dad, but that was just impossible. All my children died, along with my family, my race...

In the middle of the night, Tardis came out while rubbing her eyes. "Dad?" I didn't turn to face her, but answered weakly, "Yes?" "Are you okay? I heard weird noises." I nodded. "Okay... well, goodnight." She turned back to go to her room and I waited for quite a time until I got up. The tears just kept coming and coming and wouldn't stop until I thought of Tardis. Maybe there wasn't an explanation I could come up with, but the way I see it is that my loneliness was alleviated...

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