Mr. Popular (an original story)

Chapter 1

Back to school

by: mls13
"Ring ring" my alarm clock rang in my ears. Summer was officially over and it was time to go back to school. 10th grade. I got dressed and ready. I absolutly hate school. I mean im not an idiot but also i would not say i was a nerd i was more of an inbetween well i am smart but i would not want everyone to know that. At my school it is not cool to be smart. Plus I am known as the person who is kinda quiet and supisably does not care about school truth is i dont mind school i just dont like waking up early. I walked into the school building my feet feeling like bricks. "Mackenzie, Mackenzie " I heard my name be yelled down the hallway. I turned around to see my best friend Ariana runing towards me waving her arms how were we friends ,we were nothing alike. She is happy and loud, but I am kinda quiet and sarcastic. "Can I see your schedule she asked me."

My schedule
Me and Ariana only ended up having lunch and history together. I walked in to my first class Science. The teacher Mrs. Linden was putting us with our lab partners. "Mackenzie Lloyd your with Ryan Manning " Mrs. Linden announced.
I got Ryan Manning the most popular guy in school as a lab partner. Wow teacher might as well fail me now. All his friends were whistling and patting his back. I just rolled my eyes at them and took my seat as Ryan came and sat next. to me. This was going to be along year. I could not stand Ryan or his friends. Guess I would have to deal with him.

(Sorry it is a short chapter I am on my phone and in a chapter will be better promise... so tell me what you think about the story so far)

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