40 Questions 40 Answers (a repost)

Made by RachaelLovesYa
repost this as 40 questions 40 answers

Chapter 1


What is.....
1) Your middle name? Lauren

2) Your birthdate? 7/7/1998

3) Your height? 5ft 2

4) Your natural hair colour? brown

5) Your eye colour? blue but sometimes they go slightly green

6) Your favorate animal? fox or dog

7) Your favorate colour? Red and Black

8) Your favorate drink? cola

9) Your favorate flavour icecream? chocolate :)

10) Your favorate movie or tv series? True Blood

This or that...
11) blue or red? red

12) chocolate or sweets? chocolate

13) dogs or cats? dogs

14) birds or fish? birds

15) summer or spring? summer

16) night or morning? night

17) autumn or winter? winter

18) books or films? films

19) quibblo friends or your other friends? quibblo friends

20) phones or ipods? ipods

21) pineapple or banana? pineapple

22) lemons or limes? lemons

23) christmas or birthdays? birthdays

24) valentines or easter? valentines

25) saturdays or fridays? saturdays

26) mondays or thursdays? thursdays

27) circles or squares? circles

28) listening to music or watching films? listening to music

29) sunglasses or hats? sunglasses

30) dancing or singing? both

Which is most scary to you...
31) spiders or snakes? snakes

32) heights or closed in spaces? heights

33) clowns or large dogs? large dogs

34) blood or deep water? neither

35) falling or failing? falling

36) rats or sharks? sharks

37) fire or deep water? deep water

38) dieing or seeing someone you care about die? seeing someone i care about die

39) the dark or being infront of others? being infront of others

40) Jumping from high places or lightning? jumping from high places


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