This story is going to be about a guardian angel protecting his true loves soul from the shadows: soul hunters that are trying to get rid of all souls that have the ability to reincarnate when there physical body dies.

Chapter 1


"Hello, my name is Jason Parks and I'm gay." God that sounds so bad. Maybe I just shouldn't do this today. I will just do it later, like tomorrow.... or a couple months from now. Uggghhh! I am just a big old chicken. I am doing this today, right this second. I am going to go outside, get in my car and drive down to the cafe. I’m going to go in and introduce myself. I am going to… I am going to sit down and rethink this. I mean, come on. He’s new in town and probably has everyone trying to be his best friend. I will just be one more person he puts a fake smile on for. I won’t stand out, I never do. But, God damn it, I am going to do it.
I head toward my car, stopping to lock the door behind me. The drive took all of three and a half minutes; the upside of living in a small town. I can’t get out. What if this whole thing is a waste of time? What if he thinks I'm weird? What if he is a homophobic? I secretly hope he already left. Ok, I’m going in, head first.
As soon as I step into the little cafe our eyes meet. He is beautiful, with longish black hair that looks messy and gorgeous grey eyes. He has a chiseled jaw line, almost to perfect. He has light stubble on his chin. It felt like I couldn't movie my legs, like they had been superglued to the floor while I was lost in his eyes. The sound of his voice brought my eyes back up to him. He was paying the waiter, getting up to leave. This was my last chance. I met him halfway to the door.
"Hey, my name is Jason. I heard you just moved here and thought I should introduce myself."
"Hey, mines Chase, it's nice to meet you."
"I would ask if you would like to have a cup of coffee but you were about to leave so..." I let the sentence drift. He smiled at me, blinding me as it made him even more handsome.
"I would love to have coffee with you. But I would rather not stay here, too many gawking eyes." He nodded his head toward a table of giggling high school girls. "Would you like to come over to my apartment? I have French Vanilla." He said that last part in a sing-songy voice. I laughed.
"I am a sucker for French Vanilla."
We walked outside and I noticed that there were only two cars in the lot: mine and a pink convertible. I’m guessing that wasn't his.
"Would you like a ride?" Please say yes, please say yes.
"I would love one. Thank you." He smiled and walked toward my car.
I was about to get in when I heard a gunshot. I look at chase and he is holding his stomach, blood running down his hand. He looks up at me.
"Run. Now."
"But what about you? I have to call 911. You need to go to the hospital." I sound hysteric.
"I am fine, see?" he lifted up his shirt and showed me the spot where he had been shot. There was nothing there.
"But.... how? I just saw you bleeding. Like a lot. There is no way in hell I imaged that!" I was all but screamed at him. He sighed and walked over to me, putting his hands on the side of my face and focusing on my eyes.
"I want you to get in the car and go home. You will not think of me or of what happened tonight until I come and find you." He said in a strong, confident voice like he expected me to listen.
"I will." I heard myself say.
Why did I say that? I got in the car against my own will and drove home. "What the hell just happened?" I said as soon as I got inside. This made no sense. Why did I leave him? How did he get me to do exactly what he wanted me to? All this is impossible. I saw him bleeding. How did he heal that fast? What is he?

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