Avengers 2! Loki's back with his girlfriend

I apologise for any spelling errors or things that don't make sense I didn't have time to check my work
On Asgard,even before Thor 1,Loki had a very intermit 1 night stand with a girl (not sign cos she is gay). Loki often thought of her and the naughty things they did. When he returned to Asgard heart broken and with out hope this girl came and comforted him and one thing lead to another... Then Loki promised the would be king and queen of Midgard. The girl is called lolie (pronosed low-ly)

Chapter 1


There was a flash of lighting as Thor stepped on to Midgardian soil and he sighed. Loki and lolie had been missing for some time he hoped no harm had come to them as he knew liml from when she dated fandral (one of the warriors 3). But she broke his heart too many times and she ended them because fandral just kepped on forgiving her.
SHIELD came to greet him along with cap.america,Tony Stark and dr.banner. It seemed Loki was already causing havoc. A second thunder clap signalled the arrival of lady Sif and the warriors 3, who had come to assist Thor. They were taken back to SHEILD base and debriefedon the situation so far. "The hole of California is under attack that crazy bi*ch can sure use a sword well. We were just monertaring the situation until you shows up." Said nick fury
"hummmmm what to do."
"Loki is now more deturmend than he was before and with lolie by his side, he is more powerful too."
"How can 1 girl be more powerful than an army of aliens?" Questioned cap. America
"She was trained by her farther who was a great warrior, but I fear she is a greater warrior than even he. She cares not for people who she does not know so she is good at killing random people." Said Thor
"So...are we going hunting or what?" Said Stark
"The plan is to bring Lok i back here we've got a big metal thing with a few windows that he defiantly can't brake out of!" Said Fury
"And what of lolie?" Asked fandale
"Either bring her back or she is collateral damage." Said cap. America not waiting for fury to speak.
Mean while it was a fine Monday afternoon in Pasadena, California. Lollie had just been on a killing spree, not inisent people cops and people who got in the way. She was walking to the hotel were her and Loki were staying. As she walked she came to a boy eating a hamburger on the side walk. This was strange because most people were hiding inside from fear but this boy was in plain sight.
"Do you what some burger?" Said the boy
"No... Do you have a death wish or are you insane?" Replied lolie
"Nah I just..."
Lolie held her sword to the boys neck she said "I like you the others just run away this chickens"
"If you like me so much why are you holding a knife to my throat?"
She laughed and signalled the boy to follow her. He followed "so are you like a crazy woman cos if you are please go and kill people in Disney world cos that would be funny my name is Henry F.Y.I."
"You talk to much and I am not insane I am of Asgard."
Then they arrived at the hotel. Loki was at the door to greet lolie but when he saw Henry his face saddened.
"Who is this" he said
"Henry,Loki Loki,Henry"
"LOL next you'll be telling me you're both aliens too." Slurred Henry though his laughter.
Loki and lolie looked at each other and then walked in the hotel.
"Wait in the lobby for 1 moment." Said lolie
Loki and lolie walked into the only room on the ground floor and Loki shouted "why...who is this boy!?! No wait I shall tell you he is a Midgardian idiot of which you have dragged in off the streets what use is he to us? None! Lets just kill him!"
"No I like him I have a feeling he can help us in some way later." Replied lolie
"Help? He will be a hindrance on us causing trouble and so on. If you do not what to kill him I will kill him myself!"
At that moment Henry walked in
"I can hear you, you know. P L Z don't kill me if you want I can help my super power is getting drunk. I'm 21 years old my life is to epic to end!" Begged Henry.
Loki walked out the room and signalled for lolie and Henry to follow.
They got the elevator to the top floor
"You can have the pent house our room is directly below yours. Stay in your room until lolie and I have come to an agreement. Understood?"
Henry noodles and stepped out onto the lading, then lolie and Loki were gone. He saw that the door had been broken down and as he walked in he saw the stains of blood by the glass doors to the pool. All the body's were outside or has fallen off the edge of the building. The other half of the room was fine and he lay down on the bed and could here Lolie and Loki arguing. Them there was a smash sound. Henry put his head to the floor to try and hear what had happened. A few minuets later Henry heard it... The sound if bed springs (wink wink).
The avengers and the warriors 3 and lady Sif had got in a helicopter that would take them to Pasadena. Fandale cried most of the way and everyone else was uneasy. It was a very awkward silence. They were glad to be off the helicopter and cap. America told everyone what to do. They went there separate ways. (Dr. banner became the hulk and started smashing rocks). Fandale luckily went to the hotel . He walked up the stairs right to the top and met Henry, something he wished he hadn't done.
Loki and lolie were lying in bed. When lolie heard noise from upstairs. She got out of bed and got dressed. It was always awkward afterwards cos Loki would always cry. He had stopped now and asked lolie where she was going.
"To see Henry." she replied
So she walked out the room and at that second Fandale had just got to her door. She was surprised to see him."Fandale, why are you here?"
"To take you and Loki home. Where is he?"
"In there but you can not..." Lolie was cut off by Fandale entering the room. When he walked in Loki was putting his trousers on and had no shirt on.
He looked up and Fandale closed the door. "How could you do this to me? With him!"
"Fandale we would not have worked. You cheated on me I cheated on you. Maybe you could live with that but I could not."
"But I loved you and I still do! You think he loves you he does not know what love is! He is incapable of love!"
"Fandale leave."
"If I leave they will kill you. Please just return to Asgard, before its to late."
"No you return home because I might have too if...."
Fandale looked at his feet and slowly walked away. Lolie walked back into the room and told Loki the avengers were so Loki quickly got dressed. They went to get Henry and lolie handed him a knife. he said "what I need this for?" She gave him the news that he was gonna have to kill some people if he didn't want to die.
They stepped Outside it was three against 10 that didn't seem fair, but they were going to have to fight whether they like it or not. Basically I can't be bothered to write any more, So what happens is... Fandale Stabs lolie and Loki Has to give in. Thor the Warriors three, lady Sif, Loki and lolie go back to Asgard and the other avengers go about their business. Henry went to Asgard with lolie and Loki where he didn't really do anything.

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