The Compound - (Completed)

Please read this, me and my friend made it, has references to some memes in it too.

Chapter 1

Connor - On The Road Again

My name is Connor, I’ve already had to get rid of my family, used a kitchen knife to get them in the head. My brothers and my parents are gone. They ate my dog and my bird but I still have my cat.

I fortified the building; boarded and covered the windows improved the locks and frame of the door. I have some food and a 22 Calibre rifle and 22 Calibre pistol with enough ammo to last a couple of weeks. I am leaving soon to go to a meeting place that was agreed on. I am taking my dad’s car there; I’m bringing my guns and ammo, the food, an aluminium baseball bat and my cat. There are just so many of them, I think I’ll head past the gun store on the way there and from there visit the range to see if anyone is there, then I’ll make my way to school, filling my car with gas along the way.

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