Guys, it's Renaya

Allison let me share her account... Only that she will be using 3.5/4 of it, and I will use 0.5/4 of it....

Chapter 1

It's Renaya

by: CaughtUp
Allison: Renaya's here.... Anyone wanna talk to her? If you do, send me a message, and I will switch it to Renaya.

Renaya: I wish to talk with Jess...

Allison: Well... Is Jess there, reading this??

Renaya: sighs I just wanted to let you know that I will share Allison's account. :) But I might come on only twenty minutes a day, because I used to be on two HOURS a day, so yeah....

Allison: KK

Renaya: So... If you want to talk to any of us, send a message and state who you want to talk to...


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