just for an Rp

This is for an Rp .

Andrew and Sarah are BewareTheNargles' characters. ©®

Annie and Matt are mine. ©®

Chapter 1


Annie looked over at her three friends, Sarah, Matt, and Andrew. They were all crying. She then looked st Sarah.

"I can't believe my own boyfriend didn't trust me." Annie said, and looked.down. she and Andrew got in a fight over the ways Andrew is a a true Slytherin. She had started yelling and Andrew stormed away, and then she didn't talk to him for three seeks. "Or should I say, ex boyfriend."

She pulled the trigger. Andrew.snapped his head up, a tear rolling down his red face.

"Annie.." he started , not believing what Annie had just said.

Sarah started crying now. "Can't you just be friends?".

"Andrew.. I need time.. to get over.this. And I really can't afford to have another thing on my mind. I'm sorry. And we can still be friends. But.. I am not really going to talk much. I'm.sorry. I need to pack my belongings. And my brother's. He's.going.to be devastated."

Annie had discovered her father's death. Her grandparents, mother, and father were now dead. The only close ones she had close. Her best friend had also died. Sarah had offered a place for her and her brother to stau

Andrew sighed and nodded. "For Sarah's, right? Surely you aren't leaving Hogwarts?" Another tear ran down his face.

"Crying is okay. " Annie said, and she took out her handkerchief and wiped his cheek, then shrugged. " I don't know what to do, Andrew"

Andrew refused to let her go. "You can't leave Hogwarts."

"My godmother might take my brother and I in. But she's all the all the way in Australia. "

Sarah started to beg her to stay. " You can stay here and live with me!"

"The child custody will go by family." Annie sighed, and she looked at Andrew. She wanted so bad to kiss him, but she couldn't.

"No! Stay!" Andrew cried and pleaded, immediately falling to the ground next to her and hugging her.

"Andrew..." She sighed, and ended up hugging back.

(That's all I got.)


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