Favorite band survrey (I may have done this before. but oh well)

Chapter 1


by: m3rcy616
Basic Questions!

1. Who is your favorite band?
Black Tide

2. Who is your least favorite band?
I honestly couldn't tell you. I focus on what I do like, not what I don't

3. Why is _ your favorite band?
-They write great music, and are incredibly talented (duh)
-Their music always improves my mood, and they are one of the two bands who's music got me through a huge period of depression I went through during the whole of my junior year of high school.
- I'm gonna be honest. I find them to be very attractive dudes.
-They are very down to earth, real people.
- They are sociable. Whenever I upload a fanvid for them to youtube, their singer/ lead guitarist finds it in less than a week and comments on it.

4. How did you discover your favorite band?
I,saw them live before I even knew who they were. They were on tour with A7X back in 2008, and I had gone to the show that was in my city (obviously). I thought they were good, but they didn't become my favorite band until later (either that year or the next), when their singer ended up the cover of Revolver. (It was a group cover for Mayhem Fest.)
A friend and I had seen it and read the interview with him in it, and I remembered having seen them live, so my friend and I went on youtube to watch interviews with them and to review their music. That same day, the two of us walked down to a record store that was near our neighborhood (sadly, that record store is closed down now) bought ourselves copies of their debut album (the only album they had at the time) and they have been my favorite band ever since.

5. What's your favorite thing about your favorite band?
Their music first, the quirky personalities of the band members second.

Song Questions!

1. A song of theirs that makes you cry?
Into the Sky.

2. A song of theirs that makes you laugh?
Let Me.

4. A song of theirs you want to play at a certain time in
your life? (Wedding, Funeral, etc)
I am married, and I didn't actually use any of their music during our wedding ceremony. I walked down the isle to "always with me, Always with you" by Joe Satriani. It was perfect.
Anyway, I feel that Black Tide has already been a theme to a large part of my life. They will continue to be so, but since their music did help me through my depression, they've already had their "big moment in life theme song".
Who knows if there will be another big day or moment when I want one of their songs or albums to be the theme again. There probably will be, but I'm not going to plan it out like that. I listen to their music often enough for that to happen on its own, the way it did with my depression stage.

3. A song of theirs you can relate to?
Now why would they be my favorite band if I couldn't relate to their music? That's just silly. But a song of theirs that I relate to the most right now would probably be "Through thich and thin".

4. A song of theirs you hate?
I don't hate any of their songs. That being said, I don't listen to their first two singles very often these days. ( "Shockwave" and "Shout").

5. A song of theirs you can dance to?
"I Wanna" is pretty dancable.
So is "Just Another Drug"

6. Your favorite music video?
Honestly, "That Fire". The song is meant to be a semi-silly hypothetical situation, and the video refects that pretty well. The fact that Gabe is halfnaked through a good chunk of the video doesn't hurt either, lol.

7. Which song of theirs are you best at singing?:
Gabe's voice is very, very different from mine, so I actually have a pretty hard time.singing the album version of modt of their songs.
That being said, I can sing "Black Widow", "Again", "Part of It" and a few others pretty well.
I can akso sing along pretty well with the acoustic versions of their songs.

8. Your favorite song of theirs?
Ky answer for this always changes, of course, but my favorite song of the moment is "Just another Drug".

Test Your Knowledge!

1. List the names of all the band members.
Gabriel Garcia - singer/ guitarist
Austin Diaz - guitar/
Zakk Sandler - bass (I'm actually not sure if he really is still in or not, because he has missed their last little tour, and has all but disapeared from the web. But for now, I'm just going to believe that he's still in, until there conformation either way,)
Steven Spence - Drums.

Past members:
Raul Garcia- drums
Alex Nunez - guitar

On the last little tour, they had a friend of theirs fill in for Zakk. I want to say his name is Jason, but I'm not sure until I look it up. (I'm not looking anything up for this survey, mostly because I'm on my android, and It's a pain to open other tabs.

2. List all their songs you can think of. NO CHEATING.
Didn't I just say I'm not looking anything up? Anyway, this list will only include strickly Black Tide stuff (all the guys have their own side/ solo projects too.)
The list does include bonus tracks, covers, and even some songs that are supposed to be unreleased.
Anyways, here goes :
Shockwave, Shout, Warriors of Tide, Let Me, Show Me The Way, Give Me a Chance, Black Abyss, Light From Above, Live Fast Die Young, Black Widow, Again, Rise, Midnight Soldiers, Hit the Lights (Cover), Road to Hell, That Fire, Part of It, Prowler (cover), Walking Dead Man, Take it Easy, Into the Sky, Redefine (the played it live for a bit, but it naver made it to a record), Honest Eyes, Give Hope, So Broken, Let it out, Lost in the Sound, Fight till the Bitter End, I Wanna, Through Thich And Thin, Just Another Drug, Start Over.
- that's all I can think of right now. I only missed a few though. (Mostly bonuses or unreleaced anyways)

3. Random trivia begins now!
A. The lead singer's middle name:
He doesn't actually have a middle name. Lol

B. What was their first album called?
Light From Above.
(I'm not sure what their Demo EP from when they were still called Radio was called. - they were called Radio before they were signed . Did I mention that they were in the ranges of 13 and 18 when they got signed?- Gabe is the youngest, and Steve is the oldest.

C. How many Grammys have they won?
None, but they have a kerrang award.

Other Random Questions

1. The first song you ever heard by your favorite band?
I don't remember their setlist from that tour, but I have a good feeling that Shockwave was the first song I heard from them.

2. How many of their songs do you have on your phone/iPod?
Somewhere in the 30s. (Funny cause there are only 10 songs officially on each album. the rest are bonus tracks and alternate versions.)

3. Put in on shuffle, which of their songs came up first?
Alone (which is one of the songs I missed in that list above)

4. Have you ever heard your favorite band on the radio?
On internet radio stations yes. I rarely listen to the actual radio, so I don't know if the rock stations here do play them. Denver's rock stations didn't though.

5. Do you know anyone else with the same favorite band?
Kinda. I have friends who like them a lot, And I think they became my friend Val's favrite band when I showed them to her, but I dunno if it's the level that I reguard them.
What's funny is that my husband doesn't like them very much. It sucks, but it's funny.



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