Against it All (A HP Group Story)

A Squib Group Story!
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Chapter 1

The Characters:

Alright, just so you know, the story takes place during the Deathly Hallows Book.

All the characters, in writing order:
Name:Josephine Rhoda Wright
Age(either 14 or 15):14
Special Ability:Extremely good with Magical creatures(like,can even communicate)
Personality:Funny,slightly awkward,smart enough,brave,kind-but only when she likes you.
Appearance:Short light brown hair,average height,blue eyes,tan-ish skin.
Family:Emily Mann(Muggle),Samuel Wright(wizard,teaches in Durmstrang(care of Magical Creatures),but his son went to Hogwarts),brother,Elliot,19.
Other Info:Has a baby Hippogriff called Griffo,that never leaves her side.

Name: Arissa Destiny Cruze
Nicknames: Bandit
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Special Ability: Metmorphagus
Personality: Intelligent, Kind, Caring, Shy, Humble, Modest, Stubborn
Appearance: Waist Length Blonde Curls, Hazel Eyes, Hourglass Shape, 5' 3"
Fears: Drowning, Spiders, and Death
Family: Mom, Dad, 2 Older Brothers: Nathaniel and Anthony (Both 16)
Other Info: Her favorite Meta. form is Violet Hair and Eyes.She also has a pet snake named Apophis, she strangely likes snakes and he is usually wrapped around Arissa's arm or leg.

Name: Sylvia Creek MacMullan
Nickname: Sylv
Gender: Female
Age: 14 (Born July 22)
Special Ability: Amazing with plants: she can create life practically anywhere, and seems to have some sort of communication with them.
Personality: She usually is very quiet, but when she does feel like talking she can be very funny. She is very sweet and kind... But you don't want to get on her bad side. She can be unreasonably serious about revenge. However, most of the time she is friendly. Though slightly shy when first meeting new people, it doesn't take too much to bring her out of her shell. But she is still quiet.
Appearance: Sylvia has long, thick, shiny, and silky black hair: definitely her best feature. Her skin is tanned from staying in the sun when gardening, and her eyes are a mysterious, yet happy, deep green. She is 5'6", weighs 110 pounds, and her fingernails are medium-length and strong. She enjoys wearing close-fitting, but not tight, jeans which always seem to have mud stains on the knees (she used to try to prevent this before seeing that it was useless and giving up). Her shirts generally are colored with varieties from the blue department, and her favorites are button-ups threaded with sparkly lines, the kind with the strap to keep the sleeves rolled up. This is very useful, for she is rarely seen near plants with long sleeves pulled down. She has two regularly worn pairs of shoes: faded and falling-apart purple high-tops, and silver and-green lace-up boots.
Fears: Fish. Though this may seem like a strange fear to some, fish terrify Sylvia.
Family: Her mom, at age 47, is named Julie MacMullan and has short black hair. Her dad, 49, is named John MacMullan and is bald. She had a twin brother, Carson, for about a month. He was born unhealthy and it wasn't long before he was gone. As she has no memories of him, his death bothers her minimally, though sometimes her parents mourn. However, their family is generally quite a happy one.
Other Info: Sylvia has a female pet cat, a calico, named Marbles. She got her when Marbles was a kitten and Sylvia was seven, and they quickly formed a strong bond.

Name: Squib- Julian Hart
Nicknames?: Jude, Juli
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Special Ability: He is awesome on a broomstick.
Personality: He is sarcastic, and has an unusually sense of humor. He is a loner and is shunned by his family for being a squib.
Appearance: He has jet black hair with blue tips. He has icy blue eyes that seem to pierce right through you. He wears black nail polish and he wears
Fears; Getting close to people.
Family: His Mother Sally and baby sister Alice died in childbirth when he was four. His Father Mark after finding out he was a squib became convinced that having a squib baby had done something to her and that that led to her and the baby dying the next time she got pregnant. His Father has convinced his two brothers Vance and Byron of it as well.
Other Info: He’s gay. He plays a curved pan flute; it is black with a silver band across it. He carries it in a small black leather bag that hangs from his right shoulder down to his left hip.I almost forgot Julian has an Albino Fruit Bat named Solace.

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