Against it All (A HP Group Story)

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Chapter 2

Josephine Wright

I woke up to that same click-click sound Griffo, my baby Hippogriff, always makes with his beak to wake me up. I love my little alarm clock.

I pulled the covers back, jumped off the bed with Griffo, and ran into the bathroom to have a shower. Today Dad was taking me to Diagon Alley, Dad needed to buy a couple of stuff, Elliot was meeting some friends(he had just come home for the summer after working at the Ministry for so long and living in an apartment), and I was going to spend as much of my pocket-money as I could.

After having my shower and freshening up a bit, I got dressed into my jeans, old trainers, orange T-shirt, and my green and white hoodie. Then I ran down the stairs, Griffo at my heels.

"Now make sure to snap at Draco Malfoy if you see him," I said to him, as we hurried downstairs. He gave me a click that somehow felt like he was saying "you know I will, I always do", and we were down the stairs.

"Morning, sis," Elliot grunted, apparating into the kitchen as I sat down. I scowled. I was usually the first person up, not including Griffo.

In fact, Elliot was usually a bit late coming down, what had made him want to come down so early today? No, I thought to myself, it's not like this is important or something. And I didn't think about it again.

A while later, as I was putting everything in the dishwasher, Dad came down. "Alright, kids," he said.

"I'm not a kid, Dad," Elliot muttered, barely audible.

"Get on your cloaks and wait at the door for a minute," Dad went on, ignoring Elliot. "And get out those Galleons and Sickles, Jo. I thought you were going to spend them."

"I am, Dad," I said, "and I have them." As I said the last part I indicated to the money on my hands.

"Okay, now I'm just going to do a couple of things before we leave, and then we can go," Dad replied, running upstairs again.

Five minutes later, Dad was once again downstairs, and checking to if we had everything. "C'mon, Dad! Let's go!," Elliot cried. "I gotta meet someone!"

"Alright, alright," Dad chuckled, pulling on his hat, "now get into the car, you two."

We lived in London, not too far away from the Leaky Cauldron, so it was easy enough to get there. When we arrived near the Leaky Cauldron, we hopped out and walked the rest of the way, Dad had transfigured Griffo into a dog.

Once we had passed through the Leaky Cauldron and into Diagon Alley, Elliot made for a small cafe I hadn't seen before, and Dad began to talk to me.

"Alright, so we might be here for a while," he said, "seeing as I have plenty of things to do. Don't forget to buy that new book for homeschooling Squibs. You can have a bit of a wander around. Though your Mother cannot know about this, okay, dear?" I nodded.

"I know she wouldn't want to let you off on your own, not that You-Know-Who is actually going to kidnap you right here in Diagon Alley," Dad continued. "But still, be careful, Jo."

"You know I will, Dad," I said, hugging him. Then he left. Griffo licked my hand. I forgot, I needed to buy him some mice.

He was only a baby, so that's all he ever ate. I headed towards Eeylop's Owl Emporium, they always had the mice in the backroom, specially for me and Care of Magical Creatures teachers.

When we walked in we created a good bit of noise, the owls hooting angrily, the cats hissing, the toads ribbiting, and Griffo staring at them with great curiosity.

"C'mon, Griffo," I laughed, as we walked over to the counter. The strange thing was, instead of Melinda Eeylop, the shop owner, standing at the counter, there was a pale, platinum blond 16 year-old there.

"Er, um...w-what can I d-do for you, M-miss?," he stuttered. You could sense how nervous he was through the sound of his voice.

"Well, I usually come here to get the mice in the backroom for Griffo, my Hippogriff," I said slowly, pointing to Griffo. "Melinda usually gets them for me though, where is she? And, um, who are you?"

"I'm erm, her son, Quinn Eelop," Quinn replied. "Mum was t-taken by D-death Eaters a few days ago. For h-h-hiding M-muggles in the backroom, and t-transfiguring them into owls."

I gasped. "No!" I cried. This couldn't have happened. Melinda was such a nice, sweet, lady.

"It did happen,'Quinn said, this time, not as nervous as he was previously. He seemed to have gained some confidence.

"Anyway," Quinn went on, "you came here to get mice, you'll get the mice. I'm sorry for holding you up. How much do you need?"

"Er..." I said, "around two sacks of them. I wasn't used to telling people how much, I usually just said "the usual". Quinn rushed off to the backroom, his legs shaking.

I realized then how much I wanted to help people in need, I was a Squib, what was I supposed to do? Stay at home, hiding, during such a terrible time? No, I thought to myself, I'm going to help as much people as I can, with Griffo my side. And there was no changing my mind.

Just then, Quinn came running out of the backroom. "Here you go," he said, passing me the sacks. "That'll be 8 Galleons, please. Would you like me to put a charm on them to make them weightless?"

"Yes please," I smiled at him, handing him the money. He pulled out his wand, pointed it at the sacks, and murmured something under his breath.

"There you go," he said, "thank you for shopping at Eeylop's Owl Emporium.' He passed me the receipt, and I left.

After that, Griffo and I went a couple of places. We admired the wands in Ollivanders, shared an ice-cream in Fortescue's Ice-Cream Parlour, which was now being run by Tom, the owner of the Leaky Cauldron, went to Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment and bought a new telescope, bought some Cauldron polish in Potage's Cauldron Shop, and we went to Weasley's Wizard Wheezes.

Just as we were coming out of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, I remembered something. Dad had told me to buy that new book for homeschooling Squibs! He'd be wanting to meet me soon!

"Griffo!" I exclaimed. "Let's go!" We ran towards Flourish and Blotts at top speed. Finally we got there.

When I walked in, I saw there was only one homeschooling Squib book left. The Death-Eaters must have taken most of them, seeing as they hate anything that's not magic.

I rushed towards it, if I didn't bring one home, Mum would be very angry. But as my hand slapped against the cover, three others did the same.

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