Against it All (A HP Group Story)

A Squib Group Story!
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Chapter 21

Sylvia Creek MacMullan

It was Saturday, 2:00 PM. My dad had left the day before on a three-day work trip, so I didn't have to worry about him catching me sneak out. However, his absence did mean my mom was more cautious about where I was since she couldn't assume my dad was watching me. I grabbed my floppy brown leather satchel. I liked to imagine I was going on an adventure instead of just meeting my new friends, and that bag was a good adventure bag. Then I realized that I didn't know if this really was just a social gathering. After all, Joey had written "bring money and food". I shrugged to myself. If it was an adventure, I wouldn't mind!

I threw my favorite clothes in the bag along with all of the money in my bank, and some of Marble's food... there was no way I was leaving her behind! Then I fastened the straps on my bag and crept in to the kitchen.

Once I passed through the doorway, I immediately straightened up and pretended I hadn't been sneaking: my mom was sitting at the table with a magazine. I walked over to her and gave her an enormous hug. She laughed and, after giving me a quick kiss on the top of my head, walked out of the kitchen. I collected the food I needed and brought it back to my bedroom. After packing it away along with a photo of my parents, I laced up the green and silver boots I had worn on the day I met the other three. I figured my purple high-tops, considering the enormous hole in the side, wouldn't be the best shoes for the occasion. I also dug out a dark grey cloak I had been sent for my birthday from my aunt.

Glancing around the room, I picked up the broom my dad had gotten me for my birthday two years before. I didn't fly much at all, so I had never gotten a newer broom and I had never improved my skills much. However, I had at least worked out a way for Marble to stay on my shoulder while I flew, so after securing the bag around my arm I pushed off and wobbled away into the warm sky.

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