Against it All (A HP Group Story)

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Chapter 3

Arissa Cruze

by: Pierced_
I woke up at 6 o'clock on a Saturday morning to see sunlight pouring through my blinds. I got up and stretched, then opening the blinds to reveal my huge backyard and rising sun. I heard a familiar hissing as my snake, Apophis, came slithering across my floor and wrapping himself around my leg. "And good morning to you, Apophis." I said, patting his head. He hissed in response.

I then walked to the bathroom to take a shower. Apophis slid across the floor and out of the bathroom. Today, my dad was taking me to Diagon Alley because he needed some stuff, Anthony and Nathaniel were going to meet their friends, and I was going to spend all of my allowances I'd saved up.

After my shower and freshening up, I put on my Hawaiian perfume and throw on a pair of jeans, black boots, a purple shirt and a black hoodie that read on the back,

"Bell's Dance Academy: Competition Team
Arissa Cruze

I have been doing dance in the summer since I was six years old and I still love it. Now for my hair and eyes. I am a metamorphagus and I have been one since I was born. Now, maybe black hair to match my sweatshirt... I closed my eyes and concentrated. When I opened them, my hair was now jet black. Hmm... no... I think violet. My hair was now a darker shade of purple. Now for my eyes... violet too. I focused on my eyes in my mirror and their hazel color faded away and was replaced by the exact same color as my hair. I smiled at my new look and walked downstairs with Apophis slithering behind me.

When I got downstairs, I noticed I was the first one up. Besides my dad of course. "'Mornin dad." I said as I got some cereal out of the cabinet.

"Good morning Arissa. Where are your brothers?"

"I don't know, sleeping?"

"Well please wake him up."

I walked over to the bottom of the staircase. "NATHANIEL!!! ANTHONY!!!" I shouted at the top of my lungs.

"We're coming Arissa, geez!" I heard Anthony call. Two minutes later, they were both downstairs and ready to go.

"Alright, get your cloaks and wait for me by the fireplace." We went to the closet and got the cloaks, mine was purple of course, Anthony's was green, and Nathan's was blue. Then, we met dad. He took some floo powder and stepped into the fireplace. "Diagon Alley!" And in a puff of green smoke, he was gone. Then Anthony disappeared, and finally me and Nathan.

"Diagon ~"

"Wait!" I cut him off. "Come on, Apophis!" I called, as my snake slithered up my arm and wrapped himself around me.

"Do you have to bring him?" Nathan complained.

"Yes, yes I do."

Nathan sighed as he threw down the powder. When I opened my eyes, we were at Diagon Alley. "Ok, you three be good. And be careful, about You-Know-Who and everything. Especially you, Arissa." And with that, Dad apperated away.

"Well, Anthony and I are going to meet our friends, be back here in an hour to go home." I nodded as they walked away. Mom told me I should look for a book for Squibs. I ran to Florish and Blotts as fast as I could. Then, I spotted it. The last homeschooling Squib book left on the shelf. I went towards it and as soon as my fingers touched the spine of the book, three others grabbed it.

"Hey, um. . . this my book." I said lamely, trying not to sound rude. Apparently that wasn't a nice way of saying it because Apophis cam slithering down my arm and started to hiss at the two girls and one boy.

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