my world....

Have you ever had an imaginary friend? How about a place where a lot of them lived? Enter my world, Alexia.

Chapter 1

The rumors of the fatal Whisper in darkness

Zukuma knew. Master knew. Mother knew. It broke my heart that I, 14 winters of age, and a Fire-Chi I training, shouldn't know what the Death Whisper is. Everybody whispers behind my back, and My master no longer trains me. Last time....Oh, the last time! He looked at me, and froze. He let out a harsh yell and screamed "She has the Death Whisper!" I don't even know what that is! I have eavesdropped on my mother, and found out that it is bad. Very bad. I recall the conversation I overheard. Master was speaking to mother.
"..I saw it Sacwii!"
"But, Master Markist, Zahmarra I a sweet and kind girl. With such a talented single chi with fire!"
"My lady, I know what I saw in her eyes. We have found another Death Whisperer. If she doesn't-"
BANG I think my mother threw something.
"I'm not murdering my own daughter!"
"We can make it an accident."
"Or one has to know."
The tears on my face were hot.
"Leave. I will deal with this."
"She's not truly your daughter! She can remember. I know she can."
"You can't know that. She I my daughter now, I gave birth to her!"
"But, you stole the soul...and gave it to your undead child."

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