seeking answers

Warning!: This text may have some parts from the real story but is supposed to be my version. So enjoy!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: A Hero was born

It was a rainy night and Professor Xendat was still working on his latest creation: THE SEEKER!. Prof. Xendat put all the potions possible and accidentally dropped the most deadliest potion! At that moment, a powerful wind blew right through the window and then..... BOOOM!!!! everything exploded but one thing was still standing.... The Seeker!!! Prof. Xendat was down on the floor with no sign of movement.Seeker looked around clueless of what happened. but laying down next to prof. Xendat was Grandark, a sword with powers no one could imagine. Seeker looked at it thought it would help him seek answers so he picked it up noticing he is strong enough to wield it. As well as that, he doesn't know what he is heading for.....


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