My Annoyance Record Rant Book...Whatever!

Since I'm so easy to annoy about almost everything, I decided to keep a little book (virtually) explaining about how I dislike society... Don't think because I said "dislike society" it means I dislike all of you. So far, the people I met on here are not stupid or lacking common sense and only uses their stupidity to make me laugh. It just reflects anyone who doesn't have basic common sense.

Chapter 1

School: Feb. 25, 13 (Japan)

Note: Why did I wait till today? Why do I feel like I need to start now? Why do I need to send this story for all of you to read? Why can't I do this without using Quibblo to publish about my thoughts and feelings? So many questions...yet my answer is...because I can and I want too. And I'm not forcing anyone to read. You want to ignore this, fine. I can care less. I just feel like just ranting on and on about how society needs to learn how to improve themselves. Including I. Some can be very, very offensive. Some can be stupid complaints. Some can be confusing. Whatever the case may be.

History class: Today, again, our teacher isn't in today because he's being the assistant principle. The substitute teacher is very nice and kind. (I don't understand why no one likes her.) But when one student in my class, who I can't stand, wouldn't shut the hell up! He's my age, grade, and he's so damn immature! And even worse, he's a typical black guy.

Before you guys go like "OH! SHE'S RACIST!", let's make it clear. I'm black or African American, so I can say this. And I'm not saying I hate all black people. I'm saying I'm just tired of ghetto people. And the majority of the black kids at my school are ghetto. If you're black and are reading this, please be mature. If not, get the hell off. Thank you.

Anyway, the class is quiet and doing some work and he just wanted to act like a fool and start bother everyone. I can't work, knowing there are always noises in the background. There are some noises I can take, but his is just pure annoyance. He acts like he's smart (when clearly he's an idiot) and he tries to be a "tough guy". He's also on the basketball team. And like most of the athletes here, they prove they know more than the teachers. His stupidity caused the sub to get annoyed and so was the rest of the class. She sent him to the office. Peace and quiet at last.

The whole rant was how I get annoyed with stupid people. People who think they're "all that" because they're an athlete or because they just don't want to learn. He's also a MAJOR hypocrite and always looking for a reason to fight someone. He thinks people "loves him" when really they're just tired of his bullcrap.

Lunch: At my school, which I'll no longer attend, you can go off campus to get lunch. While I was waiting in line, there was this group of freshmen (aged from 12-14), just standing in one area. I assumed they're just standing there. I got into the line till they "jumped" in front of me. I started to think because if they were in line, they would make a line. Not a damn circle. A line. Now I can't tell if they meant to get food or they meant just to stand there. But after at least one kid from that group moves, the whole group follows. So I assumed they were in line.

But in my head, I'm just saying, "If you're in line, then don't clutter up, making it seems like you're not getting anything. Get in line, wait, order, and get the hell out of the line." Simple, no?

If you are ever in a big group and you're in line for something, stay in line! Stop making it seem like you're not in line, then jumped back in line.

Thanks to those freshmen, I was late of getting my food and only had 10 minutes to eat.


Japanese class: I sit next to a kid that has ADHD. I don't mind kids with ADHD because it's not really their fault they act the way they are. But this kid seriously needed to take his medication. He's like one of the most loudest freshman I've ever met. He can't shut up. He's always talking and talking. Then he whines. Then he screams. Then he laughs so damn loud. I can't say anything because his brother sits right behind me and I don't want to appear rude. I tried to get over the fact that he's annoying, but it's so freaking hard. I have no other choice, but to smile and pretend to laugh at him when he's being funny. It's not like I hate the kid, I just want him to shut up. Also, he's not the best partner to work with when doing Japanese partner work. But he can be funny at times.
-This is a daily thing.

JROTC: Most of you guys know I do this school program. Some don't. Some are aware that I'm very impatient with the people in my Platoon. That's because all the black kids (Again, I'm not being racist. Even they admit it themselves.) can't listen. They always feel threaten when someone gives them orders. We have a new cadet and she's trying to learn, but all the black people are disturbing her. And her anger issue is worse than mines. (I think.) If you were here with me, you just want to say, "SHUT THE F^^^ UP!" to their faces. You tell them to do one thing, they feel like they shouldn't listen to anyone unless the instructor is black.

No offense, but it just seems like they don't seem to give a damn about what we do. This program is suppose to make us feel like we have accomplished something. And they're ruining it for everyone else. I just want them out of this program. I hate their parents signing them up for this, knowing their child acts like a damn fool. Seriously, if your parents signs you up for this, then commit to it so they'll never sign you up for this again. Simple.
-This is a daily thing.

This is the end of all rants...for now.

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