They say that love is forever, your forever is all that I need. Please stay forever, with me. <3

Chapter 1

Please Stay

I looked over at his perfect features, the way he smiled with perfectly straight teeth, as his friends made him laugh. The way he licked his lips when he was talking outloud in class. Just mainly everything about him was perfect.
His head turned my way, and he noticed me staring, and I looked away as quickly as possible. Avoiding his gaze, while trying to hide my blushing face fom him.
The bell rang and the kids ran out of the class, interrupting the irritated teachers as they'd decided that they no longer wanted to pay attention.
I walked down the hallways of Trialridge Highschool earning stares and whispers from people around. Jessica the school's barbie doll came up to me and eyed me up and down, before shoving me down to the floor.
"Aw, look. She's so fat that she's struggling to walk" she said in a baby voice, while people arohnd her just laughed with cruelty.
What a great way to end my day.


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