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I'm going to make chapters for my group stories that way they're in the same one so when you give your personality make sure to put what chapter you're doing or what the chapter title says. Thanks!! ;)

Chapter 1

Peter Pan CLOSED! Updated with the authors.

I'm a Peter Pan nerd so here's the first one!
Topic: Modern day Peter Pan
Summary: Three friends in London don't ever want to grow up (like me) and as they have a sleepover, they wish upon a star to never grow up and in the middle of the night, Peter Pan arrives and takes the 3 to Neverland where they fight the mischevious Captain Hook, argue with mermaids (similar to sterotypical popular cheerleaders), and so much more. (I know this is a terrible summary but please sign up!)

My character:
Name: Emma Rose Yule
Chapter: Peter Pan
Nicknames: Em, Wierdo (by bullies), Emily (her real name and only her mom uses it), Red, and Turtle (for her love of turtles)
Age (15-16):16
Appearance: Strawberry blonde hair, pretty green eyes, freckles dot across her nose, average height and weight.
Personality: Funny, brave, carefree, very childish, turtle-lover, smart, hot temper, witty, sneaky, and adventurous.
Family: Only child, her dad died while in the army, and her mom is really strict and uptight.
Love Interest (A lost boy or you can have none): Peter Pan! <3
Other: Her mom plans to send her to a boarding school in Paris next school year, favorite color is green, she has a pet turtle named Steve (original right?), part of Save The Sea Turtle club, wears a heart locket her dad gave her which has a picture of her dad and her pet turtle when it was little, and she does archery classes.

My two buds:
Author: bigfootluver321 (Marshmellowz actually deleted so I needed to change the authors and bigfootluver321 would've been my third author if I was choosing three!)
Name: Desiree Grace
Nicknames: Des, Gracie (foster mom)
Age: 16
Appearance: Long wavy brown hair, bright blue eyes, olive skin, very skinny, shorter than most her age
Personality: Loud and funny (in front of friends) Shy and Nice (towards strangers)
Family: Mother was an alcoholic, doesn't know dad, foster mom that loves her and several other foster kids
Love Interest: Slightly
Other: Has always been somewhat of an outcast. Wants to be a writer and is a hopeless romantic
Author: The_Kit_Kat_Artist
Name: Lilly Ann Parker
Chapter: Neverland
Nicknames: Lil and Kitty (she loves cats)
Age :15
Appearance: Short Black Hair, Blue Eyes, Glasses, is really short, and skinny with pale skin. sarcastic when angry
Personality: Shy, Imaginative, creative, Quiet, Reserved, Intelligent
Love Interest: Nibs
Family: Mother Died when she was 9, her Father is a deadbeat and is unemployed, abusive, and drunk. Which is why she wants to leave so badly.
Other: She has a Black and White Cats named Whiskers in which she brings with her to Wonderland. Whiskers was the last gift that her mother gave her before she died. When her father started drinking after her death he blamed Lilly for her death (even though she died of Cancer) and hated Whiskers cause it reminded him of his Wife.
We actually have another character which Lexi (Layla_District4) came up with that we have another guy who actually stalks me and accidently joins us to Neverland but he gets lost.
Name: Caleb Parker
Age: 16
Looks: close-cropped blonde hair, icy blue eyes, warm smile, very fast
Personality: sarcastic, sweet, has bad temper, funny, kind, smart
Family: parents divorced; lives with mom who's very relaxed and carefree
Love interest: Emma Yule
Other: stalks Emma, obsesses over turtles, likes watching Emma's archery classes
Writing Order:
Me with Emma
Kit_Kat with Lilly
bigfootluver321 with Desiree
Layla_District4 with Caleb

Okay guys, congrats to the author above and I apologize if you weren't picked, it was really hard to find only two authors to put in but I promised that I would have this posted by tonight so I picked two which I thought would be amazing. I will start writing this this Friday since The_Kit_Kat_Artist is gone until Thursday! Thanks so much for signing up, and also please sign up on the other chapter, I need three more people!!!
Later gaters!

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