God Against God ~ A Demigod Story (P.J.O & H.O.O Group Story)

Stacy Marvin and Naomi Summers are two ordinary girls, well thats what they thought, the truth is they are demigods, half human, half god. As soon as they arrive at Camp Half Blood, they find out a battle is beginning between Athena and Ares, Gods are taking sides, and are making their children do the same. Who will win? Read this story to find out.
Enjoy readerlover and suspense7' s group story!

Chapter 1

Naomi Summers- I Eavesdrop on Two Citizens of Crazy Town!

I nearly fell asleep in math, and reading, now to mention it, also social studies. I hate almost all the classes in my boarding school, aside from Culture, poetry, art, and music! Back to the fact that I almost feel asleep, a nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard the lunch bell ring, I laughed at that. I picked up my school bag and walked to the lunch room, it, I had to push my long brownish-blondish hair out of my face a few times as I walked. I sat down and started to eat my lunch, just a ham and cheese sandwich, that's all I need!
When I finished I walked out of the lunch room, feeling as if I was being watched. I went to my locker and got my books for my next class, which was science, I started to finish my the homework I never did (What? My mom made me help her get dinner ready!)

I went through science, computers, and algebra the same way I did with my first three subjects, so I was overjoyed when the final bell rang. I started to walk home when I decided to stop in the woods before I got home. I sat underneath a tree and pulled out my poetry homework that I need to hand in tommorow. I started to summarize Emily Dickinson' s I'm Nobody.
When I finished I saw the weirdest thing ever, a person, no, not a person, I honestly don't know what it is! The thing looked like a human from above his waist, but, didn't in the waist down, the waist down, he was half, donkey? I don't know! There was a normal girl there too, the two had their backs toward me, I heard them talking, " Piper, I know there is a demigod in their, we need to figure out who it is!" Said the half- animal thing, I recognized the voice, he was in my school but I can't remember his name.
" Gorver! That school is for 14 and up. I thought they were claimed when they were 13!"
" Yet look at you, you weren't claimed until you were older than 13!"
" Okay, you got me there, but there are hundreds of kids in there! How will we know who that is!"
" I think it might be either Jen Ault, or Naomi Summers, or..."
What? They said my name in a sentence I know doesn't belong in there, I looked down at my homework again. I guess they heard the pages flipping because next thing I knew I was basically being interrogated! " How much did you hear?" Asked Piper.
" Not too much." I answered.
I stood up, " Who are you?"
" I'm Naomi." Grover pulled Piper back, and whispered something into her ear, " And can I ask, why does he have hooves?"
" He's a satyr."
I laughed, " Your kidding, right?"
The two stayed serious, " Uh, this is going to sound weird, but I think you need to come with us."
" Sorry, but I have to get home,"
" We don't even know if you'll make it home."
" Is that a threat?"
" No, but your 14, that's dangerous for people like you, I'm surprised monsters haven't found you yet."
" Monsters? Seriously, you two are nuts!"
" Can you just trust us?"
" I can't believe I am saying this... but okay, I trust you,"
" Follow us"
We all started walking, am I crazy, or do I actually trust these two?

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