My Virtual Book Of Rants That Will Most Likely Offend

Journal, diary, log, venting book, the documentaion of emotional diarrhea; whatever you want to call it, this is it. I am allowing you an exclusive peek into my mind. Though it will mostly be a lot of anger from and angry girl. Mmm, so inviting.
So read...or don' whatever you want...don't read it just cause I told you to. Make up your own minds. Oh dear, this isn't coming out right. Let's just say, "I hope you read this."

Chapter 1

I Don't Even Life.

Recipe for how to fail at life.


1. Your favourite TV series
2. Highly weighted assignments
3. The internet
4. Delicious food


1. Combine TV series, internet and delicious food in large living room like area.
2. Completely discard highly weighted assignments.
3. Kick back and indulge in immediate pleasures over long term ones.


You have just successfully failed at life.

Yes, dear friends. This is my life (or lack thereof) summed up into one quick and easy recipe. I think Master Chef should get all over this one.

Ugh, I find life so pointless, like a goddamn circle. And I don't mean in the "om6 wnt 2 kill myself lol" kind of way. More in the "I am extremely lazy and I couldn't be bothered to do anything except eat and sleep and drool over Dean and Sam in Supernatural" kind of way.

I just hate everything and everyone.

HSC: "I am vital to your future and if you don't pass me you will fail."

Major Works: "We make up 50% of your overall grade and if you don't complete us you will fail."

Parentals: "We pay for your food and shelter and if you don't get off your butt you will fail."

Teachers: "We're paid an annual salary to teach you useless information you'll never use in real life and if you forget it you will fail."

Department of Education: "Hurr durr djhfhdkhdf hurr jhdfidfsdhdj faYul!"

Me: "I'm pretty sure reruns of Friends are on tonight. Well, there's my evening planned."

Like, seriously, can you just let me fail in peace. Please and thank you.

I eat my vegetables. I make my own bed. I don't do lines off of male genitalia. So can you grant me this one allowance? No?

Well then, I hope you choke a rather large piece of steak or something...I don't know, stop bothering me.


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