Still The One (Harry Styles Love Story)

Harry Styles broke up with his first love for Caroline Flack. Now he wants her back. But she is going through something very unexpected. Will he be able to get her back? Or will she be stubborn and to scared to get her heart broken again and decline his offer?

A/N: Take Me Home Tour is over.

Chapter 1


Name: Isabella Love Figueroa
Race: Puerto Rican
Personality: Nice, funny, sassy, clumsy, very smart, loving, loves animals, can be slow at times, random, stubborn.
Age: 18
Birthday: November 5, 1994
Background: Has been best friends with Harry since birth. Has been through a lot was in an abusive relationship and was r@ped when 14. Also suffered from anorexia. Is diagnosed with schizophrenia, dyxlesic, dyxcalculic, bipolar and insomina. Dated Harry since he was on X-Factor but he broke up with her for Caroline Flack. Has one older brother, Isaiah Leonardo (21) and two twin younger sisters, Ivory Lucia and Ivy Lucetta (4). Dad died when the twins were 2 in a car crash.
Nicknames: Izzy, Bella, Love (Only Harry calls her that), Dad used to and mom does call her encanto.

Figueroa Family
Isaiah Looks:
Ivory and Ivy Looks:

Bella's Outfit:
Isaiah's Outfit:
Ivory's Outfit:
Ivy's Outfit:
Rosalinda's (Their Mom) Outfit:

Styles Family
Harry's Outfit:
Anne's Outfit:
Gemma's Outfit:

Bella's POV
"Do I really have to be here?" I ask for probably the tenth time. "Yes, encanto. I understand why you don't want to see him but he has been asking about you and you can't keep dodging him," My mom tells me. I sigh knowing that she's right. I look around the room and take in my surroundings. In about 10 minutes Harry Styles and his family will be in my house. I start feeling dizzy thinking about it so I go to take a seat on the couch. Ivory and Ivy make their way to me and they both take a place on my lap. "Izzy aren't you happy to be seeing Harry," Ivory asked me while playing with my hair. "Yeah, Izzy. Harry is always talking about you," Ivy says mimicking the actions of Ivory. "Things between me and Harry aren't how they used to be," I explain. "Why not?" They ask in a unison. "I'll tell you when you're older," I say. They nod their heads in understanding and wiggle out of my lap. I look at what my brother's wearing and nod in improvement. Then at my sisters who are playing with their dolls on the floor and am happy with my choice of outfits for them and glad my mom let me straighten their hair for once. And, finally I look at my mom and look at her and smile, then I realize she's wearing my heels. "Mamí, are you wearing my heels?" I exclaim. "Oh, yes encanto. I hope you don't mind I needed something to wear with the dress," My mom says before walking to the kitchen. After she was gone my brother came to sit by me.

"You know, you really should give Harry a break. Especially because of what happened when he was here last time," Isaiah told me smirking. "I didn't tell you for you to tease me about it and he doesn't even remember. He was drunk that night," I say while gritting my teeth. "I'm just sayin'. How could you be so mad at him when the last time you saw him you were under him," He says before getting up and going upstairs. I hate him for bringing that up. I was mentally planning on ways to kill Isaiah when the doorbell rang. Ivory and Ivy jumped up and I just wanted to die. "Encanto, will you get the door please," My mom yells at me. I get up dreading answering the door with the twins close behind. Right before I open the door I remember to smile and look happy. I slowly answer the door. "Bella you look so nice!" Ms. Anne exclaims when she sees me. She engages me in huge hug and I am happy to hug back. Mean while, the twins are giving Harry huge hugs and Isaiah is hugging Gemma. When Ms. Anne let's go I go to hug Gemma. I was avoiding Harry so I just talked to Gemma for a bit.

Ms. Anne then, went in the kitchen to talk to my mom and Isaiah went upstairs to talk to his girlfriend on the phone. "Harry. Harry," Ivory and Ivy's tiny voices called. "Yes," Harry said looking down at them as they were sitting on the floor and me, Harry and Gemma were on sofas. "Did you get us presents?" They ask in an unison. "Yes I did. I got all the girls here presents," Harry says grinning at them. "Even Sissy," Ivy says. My head jerks up at the sound of one of my nicknames. "Yes, even Sissy," Harry says looking at me making eye contact. I quickly turn my head. "Where are they?" Ivory asks. "At home. I'll go next door and get them real quick," Harry says before he gets up and leaves. "Sissy! Will you talk to Harry now?" Ivy asks while they crawl onto my lap. "Yeah, he got you a present," Ivory adds. "You really should stop avoiding him," Gemma chips in. I just glare at her with an unhappy face. "I understand where you're coming form. But do you think this easy for him. Every time he came to visit he felt guilty and asked about you. He was scared that he would give you an attack. Just try to see it from his point of view," Gemma tells me looking sincere. I sigh knowing she's right.


At that moment Harry walked in with three boxes and the twins left me and ran up to him. Harry handed the twins their presents. And at that moment Gemma decided to go somewhere. Harry then sat by me on the couch. He handed me my present that was wrapped in red gift paper and a gold bow around it. It was one of those boxes that had a lid. "Thanks," I said looking at him for the first time in a while. I sat there just holding the box. "Go ahead open it," He says looking at his hands. I slowly undid the bow and opened the box. I instantly smiled once I saw what it was. He got me a girl cousin of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. I took it out the box and put the box on the floor. I was examining the stuffed animal when I noticed a butterfly locket. I quickly take it off the stuffed animal to look at it. "Do you like it?" Harry asks look at me. "I love it," I say. "Here let me help you put it on," Harry says gently taking the necklace from my hands. I slightly turn and move my hair to the side so he can put the necklace on me. Afterwards I turn around and take him by surprise and give him a hug. "Thank you, Harry," I say while embracing him. "Err, welcome," He says hugging me back.

"Kids! Food is done," My mom yells. "Let's go," I say getting off of Harry I pick up Ivory and Harry picks up Ivy. I then walk to the dining room and sit Ivory down at her spot and take my seat in between the twins. And Isaiah comes downstairs and Gemma come out the kitchen where I assume she was the whole time probably eavesdropping. Everyone is casually talking and I probably hadn't had more than a few bites of my food when I got this horrible feeling in my stomach. "Excuse me," I say before running upstairs to my bathroom. I got to the toilet I threw up basically everything I had to eat that day. I grab my phone and call my girl best friend. "Hello?" I hear her voice say. "Lilith, I need help," I say on the verge of tears.

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