The Yellow Umbrella ~ An Original Short Story

The Yellow Umbrella ~ An Original Short Story

Like it said in the title, this is an original short! I hope you take the time to read it and that you enjoy it(: I've had this idea in my mind for awhile...


Chapter 1

The Yellow Umbrella

Maddy Connor was a women who had grown accustomed to expensive cars and luxurious houses. She was 34, not too young, not too old. The Connors had two children, a son and a daughter. They lived in the most prestigious neighborhood and had the largest house on the block.

You'd think that all of this would make Maddy happy. But for some reason, she felt very empty inside. It may have been because she knew her husband and her closest friend were sleeping together. It may have been because she was bullied so badly in elementary school. It may have been a result of that abortion she'd had when she was nineteen. She couldn't really say for sure, but she knew she's lost all her happiness.

Maddy didn't see her life the way others did. When she was a little girl, she had big plans to change the world. She was going to be an adventurer; she'd sail in every sea and climb to every summit. Instead, she married Ricky just out of junior college.
Maddy wasn't mad at Ricky or Bev, her friend. She understood that he was just looking for love, something she couldn't give him. She already knew Bev was a bad friend, but she just wanted someone to pretend with her. She hadn't stormed out or made a scene when she found out. She just got in the car and went to work, like she did everyday, including today.

Driving down the busy Dallas highways on her way to the firm, Maddy thought about the kids that harassed her those many years ago. Was it their fault she felt this... nothingness? No , she thought, its not them. She would often cry at the memories, the insults echoing somewhere deep and closed-off in her brain. Maybe she felt this way because of what they had forced her to become: normal. More than normal, but also successful. But it was their definition of success, not hers.
Maddy had tried so hard to keep her dreams and fit in, but in the end, acceptance won. She did what she thought was cool; she became a cheerleader, she played tennis, she joined the Student Council, all things that she might have done anyway. But she did them differently; she was mean. She lashed out at those that she had once been like. She was the ultimate hypocrite, but she wasn't proud of that. She hated who she'd become, but she couldn't go back. She wasn't going to give up her power.

It had rained all that week. Water slicked the pavement and trickled from the sky. Dirt was mud and her windshield wipers made the only sound in the car. Maddy thought about the baby.
She'd been eighteen, in the middle of her first year of college. She was invited to a party, like all girls like her are. So she went. She made the decision to sleep with him not because she loved him, not because he forced her to, not even because she was drunk, but because Maddy was bored. She took the test a week later, and a few weeks after that, she had it done. She'd never told anyone. But it wasn't the secret that made her so empty.

Maddy was empty because of what she gave up. Her dream of traveling the world was gone, her fantasy of being in love was over, and the child she could have loved never got to be.

Maddy didn't think there was anything beautiful left in the world. Buildings were buildings, trees were trees. Nothing meant anything.
Until she say the yellow umbrella.

It was sitting right in the middle of the road. And because of it, Maddy stopped her car. She sat there for some moments, staring at it. She thought maybe it was staring back at her.

The business people in their cars behind her were losing their patience. They were busy with their routine, with their normal lives. Can't they see what's happening with me , Maddy though, and she got out of her car. She was sick of these people telling her what to do. All she wanted was the yellow umbrella. And they were going to have to deal with it.

It was time for what Maddy wanted.
And Maddy got it.

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