Opaque - Original Rebellion Story

Anna James lives in a world where there is a Dictator who makes Catchers. Catchers are spies in the society, they turn in rebels or people who are potential rebels. Anna's problem is that she's a Catcher. But what makes her different? And could she be the one to lead everyone into a rebellion? Or will she be stopped?

Here is an amazing prologue written by harrypotterules549 that goes along with this story:


Hope you like it!
~ Lexi :)

Chapter 2

The World

As Anna stepped out of the doors and into the world, she was swept away into the busy flow of life. No one saw her walk out of pretty much no where and no one cared enough to stop.

People talked with others with new pieces of technology, almost every person on a device of some sort.

As she walked past a T.V. selling store, she stopped to look inside the window and look at the symbol of the government that flashed among all of them.

It was the Dictator. No one really knew his name, or how he looked, and all the emblem did was fill people with irritation and curiosity. Had something happened to the Dictator's face? Was he weaker looking then he wanted to be? Why didn't he want his people to see him?

It didn't really matter to her, but that made sense. She was a Catcher, and most of her was a robot. Catchers' minds were computerized and they only looked human.

As of her current knowledge, the only human parts that they had were their eyes, lips, skin, tongues, ears, and noses. But underneath the skin, everything was some sort of metal, even her nerves.

Catchers had been placed in their society as spies, they prevented rebellions and plots to over-throw the government. At the first sign of treachery, Catchers reported the person accused of it to the Dictator, and the person was never heard from again.

People knew Catchers existed, but they didn't know who was one, since Catchers looked so much like a normal person. Catchers never felt any emotions or pain, but they were amazing actors, you would never know the difference.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a man in a gray suit who bumped into her. His hat fell to the ground, and the papers that he had been reading fluttered away.

"Sorry," Anna mumbled as she bent over to pick up some scattered papers.

The man finished picking them up, and angrily snatched the remaining ones from Anna's hand.

His face was flushed as he said, "You need to learn to move," he exclaimed, as he placed his hat on his head. "Your legs look fine to me, and you should know how to walk!" He shook his head and angrily stalked off.

Anna shrugged it off and decided to go to her living quarters.

Every Catcher was assigned a living quarter and slept, ate, and acted like a normal person. Most even attended school or work, depending on age.

Anna briskly walked to a tall building, seeming to be completely constructed out of metal and glass, like most of the buildings these days. Wood was rather rare, and a weaker material than metal.

"Good morning," Anna greeted the man in the lobby of the tall building.

She realized that he was also a Catcher. It was an ability of all Catchers; they could recognize other Catchers.

"Good morning, Ms. Anna."

She curtly nodded and he handed her a pair of keys. She walked to the elevator as if she came here everyday.

The ride up was smooth and soundless; in fact, it didn't even feel like the elevator had moved! It was almost as if the rooms had just changed.

A keyhole on the elevator lit up and Anna stuck one of the two keys inside and twisted. The doors slid open and in front of her was a long, narrow hallway with doors lining it at large intervals.

Light filtered into the hallway even though there weren't any windows or lights that Anna could see.

She walked to a door that had the number 489 on it. Anna wasn't sure how she knew that this room was hers, but she unlocked it, and sure enough, the door opened up.

Inside, it was a spacious room, much bigger than she had expected. There were hardwood (not real wood) floors and plushy, creme colored sofas. A big flat screen T.V. sat across from one of the sofas. A whole wall was made of glass that overlooked the city, the tall blinds drawn open.

Anna crept inside and locked the door behind her. A small screen on the wall next to the door lit up and a male voice, much like the one of the man in the lobby, said, "Your guardian, Mark, robot model 19893, will arrive tomorrow at 14:53." Anna made a mental note and kicked off her shoes.

Deciding to further explore her new house, she walked around, memorizing every painting and detail that she could.

The kitchen was filled with many electrical appliances, which was normal, and had imitation granite countertops.

People had stopped using real granite years ago, when it, like many other things, was getting rare and hard to find.

She stepped away and found herself wandering a short hallway the had two rooms across from each other at the end.

She stepped into the room on the left and her bare feet met with the softest material she had ever stepped in. The carpet was much softer than most, and the room looked like a teenager's room. The carpet was a lime green and the walls were painted magenta and didn't have much hanging on them.

There was a small desk in the corner along with a chair and a table lamp.

She flung herself onto the bed an realized that it was a water-bed. Across from her, on the wall, the letters that spelled her name hung on the wall, rather spaced out and bright, but cute nonetheless. Above her, also on the wall, hung a picture of her 'family'.

She racked her neat, organized brain and found what she was looking for- her background.

According to the notes, her mom had died in a fire, and her dad constantly traveled, so he had left her in this city so that she could get a good education. She had no siblings.

Anna got up and glanced at the picture hanging above her bed.

Anna's parents and her appeared to be laying down, and the picture was a close-up of their faces. Her mom looked almost exactly like her, but with slightly darker skin and darker eyes. She wore a warm smile and the crinkles near her eyes showed pure happiness.

Her father was smiling brightly in the picture, and wore a black T-shirt. He looked absolutely delighted, and the sight of his utter joy made Anna smile.

Anna glanced at herself. The girl in the picture wore a small smile, but her bright, large eyes betrayed her real happiness. In the picture, Anna's hair was fanned out around her head, and her cheeks were rosy.

Anna collapsed in her bed again, deciding to take a nap on the plush, soft covers. As her eyes closed she thought about the next day, and sighed.

Tomorrow would be her first day of school.

Boring so far, I know, but wait until the next chapter! So, anyone think it's slightly interesting? So, questions, comments, concerns?

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