Opaque - Original Rebellion Story

Anna James lives in a world where there is a Dictator who makes Catchers. Catchers are spies in the society, they turn in rebels or people who are potential rebels. Anna's problem is that she's a Catcher. But what makes her different? And could she be the one to lead everyone into a rebellion? Or will she be stopped?

Here is an amazing prologue written by harrypotterules549 that goes along with this story:


Hope you like it!
~ Lexi :)

Chapter 23

The Strength They Didn't Know About

"What," Anna whispered. She was shocked at his words. Of all people, how could she be the one that's gone? "I don't- but I- maybe it's-"

"Anna, I didn't mean that, I wasn't thinking straight. I'm sorry," Nathan said, but he didn't sound too sorry. But when Anna saw his eyes, she knew some things couldn't be explained.

"Am I really even here? I'm not the same person I used to be, some happy girl with no idea what war is. Seeing people die, and seeing people struggle because of you changes a person! If I'm gone, maybe it's for the best." And she stomped off, angry with herself, with Nathan, and with the world.

Suddenly, a gut-wrenching pain filled her and she fell, gasping for air. In the moment, she had forgotten about her leg, and how much pain it was causing her. It felt like the limb had been snapped in two, but when she looked down, there wasn't any visible wound and nothing abnormal about it- except it was glowing!

"Anna, are you okay?" Nathan crashed through a few bushes and tumbled down next to her. Immediately, he saw her leg and scrambled a few inches back. "What happened, what's going on?"

"I don't know!" Anna screamed, terrified of the sight before her. All of a sudden, heat filled her and she felt herself burning up, unable to breathe. Just as quickly as it had come, it went away though, leaving her dumbfounded, confused, and scared out of her mind. She collapsed, seeing black dots in her vision, and saw someone's blurry face in front of hers. Slowly reaching up, she touched him, and everything became clear again.

"What... just... happened..." Nathan gasped, not understanding a single thing.

"I-I don't know," Anna stammered, just as confused and horrified. She slowly flexed her leg, it worked like normal and the pain had faded to a dull ache.

"I know someone who might have answers," but Nathan didn't sound scared anymore. He sounded furious.

"How do we get there?"

"We'll find a way," Nathan reassured her, his face just as stone cold. "We will."

* * *

"I'm sorry, I don't think now would be a good time for a bus ride, especially with all of the riots in the city." The short man explained, but there was a certain fear in his eyes when he looked at the dirty, bloody pair before him.

"We're not asking for a very long ride. Just a few miles into the city," Anna said. Her tone made it clear that she didn't want to be argued with.

"Bu-but that's where the Dict-tator's bu-building is," the man stuttered, nervously wiping the palms of his hands on his slacks.

Somehow, he hadn't been touched by angry civilians yet, but the man knew he wouldn't be safe for long. Filled with his own greedy, selfish plans, he had decided on taking his family and himself to the cloning farms on his last bus, where it was safer than the city. He knew a bus business wouldn't prosper well there, but he figured he could sell his bus and switch to cloning food items instead. By this time, organic food wasn't grown anymore. It took too long, the work was very laborious, and results weren't always guaranteed. It was much easier to simply clone food items and livestock instead.

"With this many riots and revolts going on, do you really think the Dictator would be stupid enough to stay in his building? The coward would've fled already!" The man shook his head, clearing his thoughts of cloning farms and looked around nervously. Even with this much of an uproar, the Dictator still might have a few bugs around and the bus man didn't want to be one of the people punished when this stupid rebellion failed.

"I'm s-sorry madam, sir," he addressed Anna and Nathan. "But I can't give you my last bus." Immediately, Nathan leaned over the squat man, towering over him. The man cowered in fear and listened carefully.

"Whatever greedy thoughts you're having right now need to stop. There are billions of lives at stake, and we aren't going to let them all be lost in vain because one man wouldn't take us a few miles into the city. Are we clear?"

Moments later, they were all boarded on a small, old bucket, riding past ashes and flames with hope in their hearts, and fear in their eyes.

* * *

"We're here. T-this is as f-far as I can ta-ake you." The man stuttered, shaking a bit as he looked at the rubble and destruction around him. With a curt nod, Nathan stepped out of the bus while Anna lingered for a moment longer.

"Thank you," she said, managing a small smile. She opened her mouth as if to say more, but decided against it and followed Nathan instead.

"Where exactly are we going?" she asked, her voice coming out weaker than she expected. She cleared her throat and tried again. "Any specific destination in mind?"

"The Dictator's building?" Nathan said, making it sound like it was the most obvious choice in the world. In the past few days, she had seen just how strong he was. But maybe he was too strong. Strong to the point wherehe shoved too many of his feelings aside and instead acted like she was a child, shielding her from the brunt of attacks and apologizing for every little thing, whether it was his fault or not. In a way, she admired him for it while she also got frustrated that he was putting up with her acting up when he said something that was even the slightest bit offensive. He didn't have to do that, and he didn't have to put the weight of the world on his shoulders. It was time Anna stepped up and shielded him from something.

"Wait just a second," she said, digging her heels into the ground. Nathan abruptly turned around, his expression questioning if she was really challenging his authority. "We can't just traipse into the capitol builiding! I'm not letting us go on a suicidal mission if it means dying before we can actually do something that will benefit this rebellion." Anna crossed her arms and cocked her head, ready for an argument of sorts.

"Well how do you think we're going to get in?" Nathan scowled.

"I don't know, but I know that a direct approach would be stupid."

"Fine, let's just sit right here and take all the time in the world to formulate a plan! Would you like me to make some tea, too? It's not like people are dying right now or anything!" All the sarcasm did was infuriate Anna more.

"I think we can skip the tea," Anna smirked when she saw Nathan's scowl deepen. Part of her was proud while part of her was horrified. "Instead, why don't we do exactly what the Dictator wants?"

"And what would that be? Die?" Nathan snapped.

"Let's try something just as dangerous," Anna's smirk disappeared. She knew that there were things worse than death, and this plan might introduce the couple to some of them. "Let's get captured."

"Right, because rotting in a dungeon while being tortured will really help the Rebels." Nathan's attitude was really starting to bug Anna. Why wouldn't he just agree with her already? It would help if both of them cooperated! But at the same time, Anna saw the glitter of hope in his eyes. Even if he was opposing her, he thought that it might work. Anna just had to say the right things.

"No, you idiot. The person that takes us in has to be on the Rebels' side. It's a classic plan!" Anna insisted.

"So classic that he wouldn't think anyone would know it," Nathan said, more hope dawning on him. "I knew there was always a reason why he would ban old books and fairytales. I always thought it was because of the imagination and creativity. I wasnt wrong, but there was more to it I guess."

"Yes!" Anna said, happy enough that she could start jumping up and down with joy. "And we can take him down."

"But how do we know that he's even in there?" Nathan's scowl returned. Anna clasped his hands, desperate for him to hold on to the sliver of hope he had.

"We don't," she shrugged. "But there's always hope."

Despite her bloody, dirty appearance, Nathan couldn't help but find Anna beautiful. And she had hope, the one thing he needed in a situation like this. Looking into her eyes, he realized that he believed her, and he trusted her. Maybe it hadn't been Anna who had been gone. Maybe it had been him instead. But with her help, he had brought himself back.

"So we have our work cut out for us," he glanced at the looming building before them. "And he better be ready, because we're closer than ever."

* * *

The Dictator was ready. He was more than ready. He knew what was coming for him, and he knew there was no avoiding it. He knew that he might as well kill himself now, to save him from the inevitable. But for some reason, he hung on to his meager little life, afraid of what came after but knowing that he would see it one way or another.

Taking a shaking breath, he injected himself with a colored liquid, letting the cool liquid flood his system. He sighed and realized it didn't matter what he did anymore. He let his eyes rest on the screens overlooking the city. Those blasted Rebels had destroyed most of his cameras and auditory systems. They had taken down so many of his men and spies, yet they were preaching about saving lives!

And that Catcher Anna, he had been stupid to believe that the ridiculous experiment would work. He should've waited longer instead of being so impatient! His own impatience had destroyed most of his face and health. His other two experiments had turned out almost perfectly. If he had waited longer, she would've been his best Catcher yet. And maybe his face wouldn't look so grotesque...

Sighing, he picked up a picture and ran his finger over the glass that preserved it. He looked at the familiar platinum-blonde hair, the face with the chiseled features, the wise gray eyes- he had looked at the picture enough for the image to be seared into his mind. His shaking hands dropped the picture and the glass shattered, the frame sliding away.

The Dictator cackled a little. He had driven away his wife. But maybe, after this absurd rebellion ended and his people were punished, he would find her again. Maybe someday.

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