Opaque - Original Rebellion Story

Anna James lives in a world where there is a Dictator who makes Catchers. Catchers are spies in the society, they turn in rebels or people who are potential rebels. Anna's problem is that she's a Catcher. But what makes her different? And could she be the one to lead everyone into a rebellion? Or will she be stopped?

Here is an amazing prologue written by harrypotterules549 that goes along with this story:


Hope you like it!
~ Lexi :)

Chapter 3


Anna sighed as she stepped out of the flying car. It was black and sleek, with a leather interior and seats that were plush and soft.

She waved at the robot driver behind the darkly tinted windows and walked towards the school.

It appeared to be some time of leisure activity and relaxation, because she saw many kids her age jump roping, skipping, racing, laughing, talking, and many other things.

Her eyes wandered to a short apple tree, ripe with apples that were bigger than her fist and the perfect shade of red. In the shade of it sat a boy and a girl, each eating an apple of a different color, while another boy hopped around in front of them. He held a pudding cup in his right hand, and a bright red spoon in the other.

They all glanced her way, noticing her staring and smiling, and waved her over. Anna blushed and shyly walked over, slinging her backpack over her shoulder.

"Hey, you look new, welcome to our school," said a boy with crystal blue eyes and blonde hair with bangs that swept to the left. He was wearing a white t-shirt with a pudding stain, and Anna couldn't help but smile. The girl next to him had wavy, chocolate brown hair that ended just below her shoulders, and matching colored eyes.

The boy who had been jumping around earlier looked at her curiously. He had sandy brown hair, and lightly tanned skin. His nose was long and the corners of his mouth were turned upward in a friendly smile. He still held the pudding cup in his hand, but he had dropped the spoon onto the ground.

"Nathan, you don't need to be friendly. She can find her own friends at the school," the girl next to him muttered.

The boy with the pudding stain, Nathan, ignored her remark.

"I'm Nathan. She's Attia," he said, jabbing his thumb in her direction. "And the guy with the pudding cup is Andy." He said with a smile.

"Hey, I'm Anna." Anna smiled.

"Come on, you can sit next to Attia. Want an apple?" Andy said politely.

"She can't sit next to me. I don't trust new people." Attia said, not kindly. She bit into her apple and crossed her arms.

Anna sat down in front of Nathan and Attia, and Andy plopped down next to her.

"She's just skeptical because of what happened last week. A new guy joined our school and a few days later, he and another girl disappeared. The boy ended up being a Catcher, and the person who witnessed him taking away the girl said that the girl had been muttering curses at the Dictator and said something about a rebellion." Andy explained, his voice low.

"Are you one of Them?" Nathan suddenly asked.

Anna quickly shook her head, embarrassed to already be lying to her new friends.

"Whatever. No one suspected the boy either, but it was pretty obvious when I saw his hand fall off and him kidnap the girl with a magically regrown robot hand. Stupid, defective robot." Attia said, rolling her eyes.

"You were the witness?" Anna asked, surprised.

"Yes, could it be any more obvious?" Attia stood up to throw away her apple core, rolling her eyes and mumbling something as she walked away.

"Don't mind her, she's just like that at first. Once you get to know her, she's really not so bad." Nathan said, kindly.

Anna nodded.

"Anyways, tell us about yourself. What do your parents do? Where have you live before this?" Andy asked.

"Well, my mother died when I was little, and I became deathly afraid of fire after she died," Anna said.

"Good thing fire isn't allowed anymore," Nathan remarked.

"Yeah. Um, my dad travels a lot so I don't see him often. I live with a robot named Mark. I don't have any siblings, and this is my first time moving." Anna finished.

People in the society were only allowed to move three times at most, so the Dictator had a committee that carefully planned out where each family would move to in case they came across a situation where they couldn't live where they currently were.

"I hope you don't have to move again, this school is one of the best, and you're going to love it here, especially since you've already found friends- us." Andy said, chuckling.

Anna smiled, she appreciated their kindness, and felt guilty about lying to them and allowing them to put their trust in her.

Attia was back now, and she made Anna flush slightly by sitting in between Nathan and Andy and clutching each of their hands.

She smiled, but her eyes still looked venomous. The boys didn't seem to notice, and sighed in relief, thinking that she had finally accepted Anna.

Attia opened her mouth to say something, but three loud beeps signaled the end of the leisure time. They all stood up and Anna snatched her backpack from the ground.

"We'll come with you to the office so that you can get your schedule." Nathan said, letting Attia's hand fall out of his. Andy almost immediately did the same.

Anna smiled, glad that she didn't have to go alone.

As soon as they arrived in the office, an elderly woman with gray hair in a tight bun, small, beady eyes behind thick, circular glasses, and a mouth that was pinched closed handed Anna something that looked like a piece of paper, but ended up being an electronic gadget that could be used for multiple things, including showing Anna her schedule.

Anna realized that the woman was a Catcher, and the lady stuck a green sticker on her gadget, probably to mark her as a Catcher.

Anna walked out of the office with the other three kids trailing behind her, and they pulled out their gadgets, which were called Slabs, and they all compared schedules.

Anna had second period math with Andy, fourth period science with Nathan, and sixth period English with Attia. Attia smiled and her eyes glittered dangerously.

They all went their separate ways, and as Anna walked off, Attia, her tone unrecognizable, called out, "See you in English!" Anna already dreaded it.

* * *
Anna lay on one of the couches in her house. She thought about the day. In first period, social studies, she had been paired up with Megan, a kind girl with a sharp nose and angular features who fidgeted constantly.

Second period, math, had been interesting enough when her and Andy had been paired up and they all played a math game where she and Andy won.

Fourth period, science, was the most interesting because her and Nathan had been paired together in a chemistry lab that worked with chemicals that could be explosive. They had had a fun time talking, since fourth period was longer than the rest of their classes to allow time for lunch, but it had come to an end when Anna had accidentally added too much of a chemical into another chemical and had singed the eyebrows off of Hannah Waters, the queen bee at their school.

Anna sighed; she had made an enemy on the first day of school! And, her life would be horrible now; Hannah could get anyone, teachers included, to do anything she wanted. Her father was the advisor to the Dictator, or something like that, (Anna hadn't bothered paying attention) and that gave her more power and respect than anyone in school. Anna had even seen some Catchers obey her commands!

Anna wouldn't have even made it out of the class if it hadn't been for Nathan. He was smooth and cool, and easily convinced Hannah, or 'Han', as popular girls called her, that it wasn't intentional. Afterwards, though, once out of earshot, they had both burst out laughing. Even Attia had smiled when they told her what had happened!

Anna was glad to have friends like them, even if Attia was a little hard at times. They had all gathered together at the apple tree in front of the school and did their homework together. The apple tree was their 'place' that no one else dared touch. Of course, Nathan and Andy wouldn't mind, but Attia would probably bite the head off of anyone who did.

Anna was tired of worrying about what Attia and Han would do to her, so she closed her eyes willing sleep to come. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Anna was at the door in an instant. She opened it and standing there was a robot.

Anna gasped and almost fell over, had the door not been supporting her. Something was familiar about this robot, and it had to do with her family.

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