A letter to an amazing friend we all know, love, and miss… This one’s for you, Tiffany.

Chapter 1


Tiffany… Why?

I came on earlier. My Top Friends were out of order… And you were gone.

I posted a story asking where you went, because you hadn’t replied to any of our messages.

Then I read the story you posted before you left…


I don’t care that you lied about your age. Tons of people do that on here to protect their personal information. You could have just told me! You could have just told any of us… You’re not “the worst fake there is” because you lied about something like your age.

It doesn’t make you a fake. It doesn’t mean you have a messed up life. It doesn’t mean you have a messed up mind. It doesn’t mean you’ve betrayed any one on here. It doesn’t mean you need to feel guilty.

And it certainly doesn’t mean that I deserve a better 2nd Top Friend. In fact, I could ask for a single person that would be any better than you.

Tiffany, I’ve had haters on here in the past… And you’re really the only one who’s ever known about them. I try as hard as I possibly can to hide stuff like that, because I don’t want to look like I’m going around looking for attention.

If you hadn’t been around when I got that comment on my profile, or the time I had one of my stories reposted, I would have deleted a long time ago.

You told me not to cry for you, so I won’t. But I just want to know (if you ever read this story), that it’s not going to be the same around here without you…

I’m going to miss all the crazy nicknames, the pranks, the messages, the stories, the laughs, and all the other good times I’ve had with you on here.

And I’m going to think about [and miss] you every time I see the cover for one of the books you’re crazy for, every time I hear I Knew You Were Trouble, every time I see a Clato fanfic in my inbox, every time I see a commercial for Once Upon A Time, and every time I listen to Maroon 5… In fact I’m switching off my Before You Exit to listen to some Maroon 5 for you.

I’m going to miss you Tiffany. I’m going to miss you like crazy…


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