25 things about me that I'll force you to read (Repost)

I found this on FB. My friend tagged me... I decided to share this with all of you!

Chapter 1

Hey guys! More random facts about me...

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I know you're busy and want to add to your workload. JK. :P

1. I started liking Rock music when I was in Grade 7. Before that, it was either J-pop/rock or music didn't mean much to me.

2. I hate boisterous laughter, so much so whoever commits this crime will be punished according to the law of Mireille Antone...

3. I love English and hate Filipino. (Don't get me wrong. I am Filipino). I USED TO like Japanese. I'm starting to like German. (Rammstein!)

4. I used to listen to Korean songs, but now I don't like K-POP. And the music videos are an eyesore. No offense.

5. From Grade 3 to early Highschool, I watched nothing but anime. Then I grew tired of it.

6. ......................I can be racist............................sometimes...........................................towards blacks.......... AS A JOKE, OF COURSE.

7. I am attracted to guys who remind me of people I already admire, like certain rockstars.

8. Hidden behind my seemingly kind exterior, is an easily-angered b|tch (sorta). I don't always get angry, but when I do, it's dangerous. Of course if you know that we're in good terms, you're not on the list of people I'm angry at. LOL. But if anyone does something to confuse or deceive me... one day I'll have my revenge. >:)

9. I like only two songs with rap: Alone by Falling in Reverse and Nobody's Fool by Avril Lavigne.

10. I was a reversible bisexual in grade school and high school. I'm straight now. Well, except for those Frerard/Clef moments I have with Clea. XD (You can forget I typed that).

11. When I listen to music, I always imagine some sort of music video--whether it involves fictional characters or people in my life. I'm usually the singer/rockstar.

12. I'd like to think that I'm still single at 18 years of age because guys fear that I'll murder them if we get in a serious relationship.

13. I like screamo and metal (those two are different!) music for the same reason some people like pop. I mostly like the ones with awesome guitar shredding or heavy guitar riffs. That kind of sound just lures me to like a song.

14. I'm not attracted to muscular guys, but I'm also not attracted to guys who are stick thin.

15. I was baptized into Catholicism at the age of five, when I came back from Thailand (where I lived for a bit more than four years). I can't say I'm happy with that. I was a proud atheist before, and after baptism I was agnostic until I was eight. I kept questioning why I can't see Jesus, if he exists.

16. It's kind of a big thing for me that many people misuse the word "emo". I don't know why I feel a bit offended when people say it means emotional, or associate it with the "modern day emo trend" of black clothes, skinny jeans, skulls, etc. If it really meant emotional, then wouldn't all of us be emo? It was really emotive hardcore, a subgenre of Punk. It was an idea that a band called Minor Threat had. Fans of that band made that idea come to life by forming a band called Rites of Spring, the first official emo band. The real meaning is buried in history. :/ I'm also offended when people claim that a certain concept, saying, or PERSON is "emo". You can't do that!!! Emo was never as big as the Gothic and Punk subcultures. Goth has it's own art style, literature, etc. Emo does not, and is just one thing.


17. When people tell me that they've never read a Neil Gaiman book, I automatically think something may be wrong with them... I thought he was pretty popular in the world of fiction. That's my initial thought, then I forget it and kindly recommend them some books.

18. I had a dream where I almost did it with Deidara from Naruto @.@ (I used to like him in Grade 7 til early 3rd year highschool).

19. Now that I'm older and like real dudes more than anime ones, I subconsciously tend to like guys who remind me of the guy I mentioned in #18. :/ He continues to haunt me.

20. I used to have this character I called "Hiaki Mirikato". She was a member of the Akatsuki who brutally murdered people. She hated nearly everyone. She liked Deidara but never admitted it. When he died, she was saddened, but learned that she was really meant to be with her best friend, Sasori. (Don't judge me.)

21. If I were a straight guy, I'd probably like Amy Lee the way I like Gerard Way as a girl, and I'd probably have a crush on Lzzy Hale from Halestorm.

22. I used to dislike Frank Iero only 'cause he has lots of fangirls. To me back then, he was like the Pete Wentz of MCR (I hated Pete before, too). Then I learned he was Scorpio, and that we had lots in common, and started becoming a fangirl... It must've been the August of 3rd year highschool. (Yeah, I remember...)

23. I dream of the day when In Denial will become a legit band. :/

24. I think it's cute that one of my favorite guitarists (Monte Money) has a crush on Amy Lee. Side note: I rarely use the c-word. Uck. IDK. I'm used to trying to not be girly.

25. I have a morbid mind and dark sense of humor. I'd like to thank all of you for bearing with me since you first knew me...


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