Random Poems

I just wrote some poems... I'm not really doing it for anything... I'm just bored...

Chapter 1

A single whisper

I sit here all alone at night,
A thought still echoes out of sight.
A memory like faded glass,
Blurred shapes are veiled as they pass.
My eyes are shaded, tears thirst for light.
My broken heart holds them inside all night.
A prayer escapes my tortured lips,
As the hatred slowly gives them a kiss.
"Je t'aime" I hear in my mind faintly.
"I love you" I whisper, with a lie, in my sleep.
The rain batters down with promises soon to forget.
Though I'm inside, I still wind up wet...
"I hate you..." I whisper into this cold night.
"I hate that I loved you... I hate that you lied"
"I hate that I told you everything..."
"I hate that I let you burn me with a vicious sting"
"I hate that you kissed me. Why did it feel right?"
I hate that these tears are now lost in the night...

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