This is a story you will never forget...

this is a story that will change my and your life... if u start reading now you will never go back to your normal life. so this is a warning,go back if you are not ready for action,death, and blood ,and lots of it...

Chapter 1

Chapter One - Falling

by: Enderboy
So there I was standing on my belcony out side my apartment.I looked down from the top floor of the apartment,It was a long way downwards...I looked back at my apartment and took a long deep breath. I steped closer to the edge and closed my eyes.Then I jumped.... Okay Okay lets rewind a bit lets go back by about a month? okay so this was my first day at devner high.I woke up one day and thought today is gonna be different...I got ready for school and grabed my bag.I ran down the stairs to the lobby and said hello to the doorman andrew.I finally got to school and i looked around. There were people all over talking to eachother and wispering,i even spotted a couple kissing by the fence.I smiled briefly and took my first step in to the school yard.this was going to be a different experience for me....


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